wolves giveaway | vintage finds


i swear i was not shopping for wolves the other day, but what-y'-ma-call-that recurrent event, when at any given time, but mainly when something is on your mind anyway, you get it confirmed in the oddest corners?

tiny porcelain bowl
english pewter
made in sheffield, UK
wolfette, to do what?
browsing through the toy stuff sales, i bumped into mister, (on the left). later, while thrifting, the pewter head (on the right) caught my eye. oh, and enlighten me, dear reader, on its function, if you can? does it sit on top of a bottle, simply for cheering? i can see no function to that! i am truely wondering.

it is only fair after such an eventful run, i should START already on carving that tinyWOOLF stamp! 

mainly also, because it is willing out to call you on a giveway. here's your chance to be the sneakest of the peekest! why not treat yourself to a tiny box, filled with tinyWOOLF goodies?

careful not to give it all away ☻, what will be in your tinyWOOLF magic box? there is one tiny booklet, made from vintage papers, which have lived a first life in children's hands. i use scissors on old illustrated books that would otherwise end up on the fire stack. i sew new book leafs together and add a few words of wisdom or random, any which way the wind blows. i carefully slip it inside a matching tiny envelope. 

there will be circles of delight, i can't tell you more, because that would be... telling.

one way or another a tiny wolfette travels with any package. this giveaway tinyWOOLF box being a surprise to the receiver in the first place, it wants to be an indication of what is to come in the shop. tiny magic will be part of the deal. {more on a tinyWOOLF box contents throughout this month.} ☻

the tinyWOOLF box itself, ofcourse, embellished with vintage papers where possible, is recyclable to a tee. i leave it pretty sober, it is sent to you flat packed. flat pack transport ensures no flattened box at your doorstep, so no nightmare there.  

easy assembly according to an explanatory note inside the parcel, you can then place all individually wrapped items inside the tinyWOOLF box to your own convenience. 

so. go ahead already and send us a note, is all you've got to do. the winner of course will perform as some kind of guinea pig to this tinyWOOLF venture: i will gladly receive a typed report back. {ahem.} giveaway closes in a fortnight, on january 22nd, GMT. 

i take a bow and thank you for playing.


  1. And bow you should Woolfy.
    Your tiny little tinyWOOLF box and it's contents are utterly beautiful.
    I hope I am more than a tiny bit lucky enough to be picked as a guinea pig, if not I will just have to wait until February and buy my own.
    Which I will. Without a doubt. So that's one sale already...

    p.s. will spread the tinyWOOLF word on my blog next time I post

  2. i'd make a good guinea pig...just sayin.
    tinywoolf is looking delightful with all of those papers and handmade goodness. i'm loving it and can't wait for the unveiling!

  3. ooohhh!
    it all looks sooooo good!
    how I would love to win
    and otherwise
    I will buy one
    like Kylie
    so that makes two!


  4. wow! (I can't, alas, imitate the guinea-pig's cry…) bon dimanche!

  5. oh such a joy to wander through tinywoolf land, who can not fall in love with circles of delight... xx

  6. Looking good - and what a wonderful way to begin 2012!


  7. Oh,
    dear Nadeschda,
    I take a bow... a deep one!

    Oh, let fortune with me...
    its looks all great, fantastic, wonderful!
    Want it!

    And: May I invite you to this week's drawing challenge, please?
    Its: TEATIME!


  8. i love it! you are so talented my dear!
    p.s. hello beautiful!!

  9. Oh I like yout b/w photo - it's great.
    And the tinywolf box is very interesting. :)

    Have a good start of the week!♥

  10. i'm playing! i'm playing! (of course i have already been the recipient of one of your lovely tiny books... so i can attest, to all and sundry, that they are truly beautiful keepsakes.)

    YOU, miss, are a wonder. and you make me smile :)

  11. Now that I finally sent my letter i feel authorized to join this giveaway :)
    I wish the postman hurries a bit, because I didn't get my driving license carnet yet! Hahaha big kisses Nadine!
    How did the new years's eve's eve dinner go?

  12. I will play! How wolfishly exciting!

  13. I have very much missed visiting you.
    The past year went so awry. Glad to be back and you amaze me with your crafty talent.

  14. IS THAT YOU !! finally - i get to see your face, sortof. love the shot too, its gorgeous . are you whitteling away? oh hope i win...i want some woolf love. xxxxx

  15. These are all such lovely little treasures!!!! Count me in, I want to play! Love your photo Woolfy xo

  16. i'm speechless dear busy, wonderful woolfi! so much beauty around here, count me in, i NEED to play! love, julia

  17. count me in too. I'm intrigued by your circles of delight, you have clearly been very busy, loving that woolfy stamp.

  18. i am playing along. of`course : )

  19. hello you :)
    wow looks very good. i'm in too.

  20. Hello you!
    I would love to learn more about your book making!

  21. What fun! Your surprises and 'woolfy' things will be unique and delightful, as your work always is.

  22. I am so inspired by you! You make such an art-full life! Your little wolves are beautiful and alive! (Do the days have more hours in them when you live in BE?)

  23. Well, normally its Little Red Riding Hood who comes along with a basket full of nice things...but now its the Woolf! Hope luck will bite me! I'll immediately turn into a guinea pig then, that's for sure! ;o))

  24. Awesome idea...How neat to have a little box of tiny wolves!

  25. What a great artist you are :)

  26. Oh, I'm definitely definitely entering!! How I love those little wolves! :) :)

  27. Yes,yes..I'm in..I'm curious..and I'm lucky to be in time :-) these little boxes are gorgeous!!

  28. Oh so cute **wolf whistles** ...especially love your stamping and the little pewter wolf stopper.