silhouette dancing

"aujourd’hui c’est le bal des gens bien.

"demoiselles, que vous êtes jolies !
"pas question de penser aux folies ;

"les folies sont affaires de vauriens"
(song by adamo, popular belgian singer in the sixties & seventies)

today is the ball for all good people
young lady, how pretty art thou!
we won’t think up any follies today
for follies are but loser’s rounds
(loose translation of the above)

[gobelin from the eighties, bought at the flea market this morning. to be cut up in the near future. thus, to be continued. go peep at herlibraryadventures for more]


  1. Great piece, cant wait too see what you create with it!

  2. Quelle élégance dans les points ;)

  3. Very nice indeed, Only you would be clever enough to animate it for us....I love it!
    I hope all is well with you.

  4. Grappig, met de melodie van Adamo's lied in mijn hoofd lijken de gobelinfiguurtjes te bewegen...

  5. Very 'Scott Walker sing s Jacues Brel'Lovely

  6. look forward to see what will happen to the gobelins!