random end {london tales}

london is also just as much sightseeing as you can muster.
even whence you're not encountering the obvious treasuries,
you do bump into

these days it may get served rained out.

cabs usually come in black still,
so when one sees a red one,
one needs to snap.

same goes {snap!} for the traditional red double-decker bus,
of which i thought the original routemasters
weren't running anymore?
perhaps they leave the depot on sunny sundays?

do click to enlarge
toe still blue...
when literally looking down, you may notice your feet,

or else beautiful, ornamental street plaques.

likewise in doorways.
someone enjoyed his/her type.

when fed up with the tube ...
travel overground! ☻

last but not least...
when london girls get set for the night, they really paint the town.
as i was unassumingly making my way towards brick lane,
i did bump into them. ☻

and when you do get tired of london
(which will of course NOT happen),
you can always catch a plane home.
london skies unfortunately are poisoned of 'em...

{a london photos round up here}
and thank you. ♥


  1. Some things are really long-lasting (poor blue toe is no exception) x

  2. SHUT. Look at that reflection...perfection.

  3. Great pics Woolfie, I like that type too and the reflection already mentioned by Rachel...
    Don't you remember getting all dressed up and painting the town???

  4. thank you for the tour and toe update :D
    great pics.

  5. what a tale!
    never been there...

  6. Great photos. Thank you for sharing! :)

  7. Boy I want to paint a town again, just one more time!!

  8. I would never get tired of London - and rained on tea pots :)

  9. schoon...maakt me blij, it's been so long I sojourned in beautiful London,

  10. I watched some hundred of the pictures you took haha
    and I loved them.
    I'd have certainly enjoyed that time in London.
    Big kisses you woolf :)

  11. I was in London only once. But it's so nice to see it again in your pics.
    I've just posted images of my town, especially for you.

  12. Wonderful photos, Seems like you and a great time there...Thank for sharing-its feels like a tiny tour in amazing London...:-)

  13. and so i come back from my little vacation to witness the end of yours... so different from mine. i love the red, white and black in these photos, very elegant. and somehow even a bit of holly golightly?