AC | sanctuary

ghent forelstraat, bisserart
raining cats and dogs all week long and more of it promised for the weekend. central heating on the blink, maybe the problem will be solved today. there's hope. last night, i was watching NW, the story based upon Zadie Smith's 2012 novel.

ghent forelstraat, bisserart
not since BORN EQUALi got hooked on the tiny silver screen to fully realize the foundations of an inner sanctuary can be easily shaken by our daily realities in which joy, optimism, frustration, anger and rage huddle. 

sanctuary. i almost watch the now fully filled 'new' sideboard more than that tiny telly... ☻
picking up on bits of the daily news, social-economical imbalance will only grow and hit ever more individuals. maybe you, maybe me? and i mean, i aim for sanctuaries around the house, i do. i know why and we all make choices in our lives, and live by them. 

ghent forelstraat, bisserart
and chances need taking, when opportunities arise. i'm pretty sure no one is deprived of those sentiments these days. making also, i guess, cats and dogs look trivial, or the temporary lack of central heating subordinate. veronica's sanctuary this weekend.

ps - to be fair. above graffiti artwork isn"t mine! look for the link in image footing. painted sideboard is mine. ☻


  1. That is so true N. The small things that shake the foundation. The foundation becomes our sanctuary. Oh dear. Love the little unhappy creatures raging on hooks and all then caught inside the belly of the beast, and love that silvery fish. Hope your heating comes back on soon.

  2. yes, this week i experienced my sanctuary being effected. heat not working in cold weather could do it. For me it was a lawn tractor not working. Small compared to things going on in the world.

    Your art is wonderful. Love all the detail, texture, color with black and white.

  3. its a daily balancing act. i love your artwork, especially the little guy sitting on the hook. i hope your heating is sorted soon. we've had ours on for the first time tonight.. finally succumb.. it became too cold for just snuggling with blankets and hotwater bottles.

  4. Fuck yeah! Nadine!
    I love your painted sideboard - makes me smile softly. For me it reminds me on a high altar... ;-) (hahahah, sorry!) Would watch to it all the time, not the telly. But I followed your links here. Dark, no? (I didn't know NW nor Born Equal)
    Thank you for the huge graffities of Ghent on bisserart ( a m a z i n g !)
    Let's take the chance! Creative! Inspiring!
    Ariane. Rose

  5. Praying your heating gets fixed. Ugh! So sorry! Veronica's show is so lovely! So whimsical! Something for everyone.

  6. Thank you, I like the shelf!!! Lucia