corner view ≈ bloomin' practice

i am in two minds about april 1st. while i can appreciate a good gimmick, i do not consider april fishes to be that humourous. every april 1st however, i see many people thinking differently. in our country called 'send-away-day', i remember dad sending me over to my aunt (living next door back then) on one or other errand. the first few years this happened to me i stood there blinking, trying to make sense of my aunt's chuckle. 'you've been fooled, girl! your dad did it again.'

drawing | pollinator

i am now well over halfway year one of cartoon classes. i'll admit my enthusiasm has been somewhat clouded by my laidback attitude. at the best of times i'm a buyer for deadlines, so i keep on thinking all-the-time-in-the-world, and i spend another three blissful hours in the kitchen. i'm beginning to understand that if i don't get the work done, i'll sweat for it on short notice. and i find the latter no option.

corner view ≈ imagine

consider the viewfinder. as in using both hands, mimicking a frame and there it is, your view. or use the camera's viewfinder. no camera at hand, squint your eyes to suppress surrounding rubble which helps to find the view you're looking for. it does work. finally, on paper, use a proper little {handmade} finder. any twist or turn brings up new angles, obviously. i do not use it often enough.

corner view ≈ looking up

with this abundant sunshine at spring season kickoff, how can one not gaze up at wavering buildings and the kingfisher blue sky? i cannot resist its call. work days, you'll find me longing for 5pm. on days off i'll lazily hang on steps in back, brimming.

bus 14, possibly

if not, walkies. and talkies. meeting sargent at the national portrait gallery. tuesday. tomorrow!

corner view ≈ something difficult

i was looking for a blog topic as i came across dorte's theme. it suited me to a t. waking up this morning, i rose from a dream in which my small son and i were traveling. we weren't on our own either, we enjoyed the company of a man and his young daughter. having boarded the train in some obscure place and sharing our wonder, my 4-year-old suddenly got off and i ended up in a nightmare.

drawing | {fishy} birthday

slow down, you crazy child...  i coveted that billy joel album and cover. i must've been in college at the time. i remember my american pen-pall cathy coming down from paris for the weekend, bringing terry. i visited them back later. {i don't know why i'm telling this.} slow down, that's it. slow down, and simply do one post on the weekend. good, girl {talking to myself}.

drawing | vein {or a thing about trees}

i read, and acted out on, THE ARTIST'S WAY, in the nineties. i remember loving every step of the way, and cursing those d*** morning pages. did it change my way to go about my creative perspectives and evolution? i doubt it. but to this day it does have a lingering effect on me. for that i'm grateful to the author, and to myself, for being persistent and consistent. in peaks and valleys.

corner view ≈ homemade

scrumptious little fruitcake, fresh from the oven. oh, and it is dead easy to make. all you need is a little time on your hands, but you can do plenty other things in the kitchen while you are making this cake. to find out about nigella's recipe... {jane's corner view, francesca's hosting, tera's theme.}