drawing | pot

whenever it's been a long time coming, blogging, i am elated when i open my dashboard and exercise my palm and fingers, much in a way tom hanks does in YOU'VE GOT MAIL, when he advises meg ryan to go to the matresses... remember? heavenly bit.

time isn't on its best behaviour, i'll say. i seem to scrape along just not to go under. already an unexciting flu under my belt, i do try and enjoy moments in between, such as the heavenly sunny days off late. hello indian summer!

oh, what a glorious sky i am looking at right now (thursday). nearing the end of the week, coming closer to this week's DC, i have been stirring food in pots almost every night. however, i didn't think about recording anything and so i find myself here. wondering. 

in cartoon classes (final year!) we're doing a particular version of inktober2015. {i cannot show you all of it, because we post in classes blog only.} it's all i can elicit in the creative curb at the moment. i've plans overflowing my spirit. 
luckily, i-have-plans.

my kitchen, not being fitted, gathers many items in just as many corners. but i guess i never drew any of my pots yet, so maybe i can intrigue you with just a wonky sketch of last night's supper? eat-your-heart-out and stay-for-dinner, chez stefanie this weekend. 

drawing | skin

when you look at skin from close up, the surface is gently dented in with pattern. i dallied some, on the idea of skin design.

who doesn't like to {imaginary} colour in a hidden message? the message is in here, right above!.... i've fallen short of online presence, but then i've been in good company this weekend. carole and doug send their love !! thank you all for playing ariane{sharmon}luciakatrinveronicastefanietammiecitlallijoericpatrice, i'll be popping over later today. 
carole and i were thinking off and on about skin. last night, we reached out, skin on skin, as a symbol too, of our online and live connections, worldwide. hello, everyone!

below : this weekend....1. carole in the kitchen at home, in manneken-pis museum, 6. in sint-bartholomeus, 7. in manneken-pis museum, 8. in passage du nord, brussels, 9. in sint-bartholomeus, 10. outside "ocean blue", 11. sint-bartholomeus, 12. derelict house in town, 13. carole & me in front of geraardsbergen's "little-man-pee" of whom only the tiny legs are showing...

drawing challenge NEW THEME | SKIN

i haven't much thought about skin. my own, anybody else's. but since i caught on human skin is an organ, and the largest one in our body, my respect is infinite. to evaporate and absorb, how cool is our skin?

drawing | pocket

remember chrissie hynde contemplating her brass in pocket? cherish that thought now i'm out working more than usual. those few moments i am not, i am eagerly beaverly looking for pockets of time, while cutting the grass, e.g. veronica's theme for DC. 

crispinus and crispinianus & HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRANCESCA

how sexy is the sound of those names? i entered saint waltrudis church with the intention of finding them both and holding them dear to my heart. i was stopped in my tracks by today's busy priest setting up an art show 'and would i gently step out of the way, thank you'.

drawing | tiny {"honey, i shrunk the wo{o}lf"}

my first tiny is effectively called TINY. in anglo-saxon countries her name is martine or emma (correct me if i'm wrong, i don't think she really hit it off overseas). like most of my mates back then, i was in love with tiny and her crew, and i wanted a birthday just like hers.

drawing | image {pandora's box}

the week was strange, filled with all sorts, and exhaustion creeps up on me this morning. nonetheless i'm pulling out stuff from under dust mites and share with you some images that never made it to an album. to all weekend players : thanks so much!

do you have shelf flowers in your cupboard, meaning old, unused stuff that wants out, but you never find the courage? because i have stuff and photos going strong in my closet.

drawing challenge NEW THEME | IMAGE

it's been a while, our weekend meetings across the globe. have we been distracted by an overwhelming surge of images? on many blogs i am reading of similar concern, to the point of an inevitable where are we now question.  

happy birthday patrice 12/08

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body's cracked, and so is this week's code : work ennobles. what you witness is a washstand in a further stage of definition by adding mosaic tiling, and a floor that is no longer carpeted bloodred but super smooth gray and washable. today i'm resting on my laurels.