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my very compact and mobile shop P&P station
feeling so, so elated and on a confident track! i've enjoyed my etsy shop preps over the past few months and am finally reopening! you'll be glad to hear there's more up my sleeve than cards and tiny booklets though. 
working out new ideas

two years of 365-projects have delivered a sizable portfolio. i've long wanted to create surface pattern design and am finally looking into that. i'm thinking themed wrapping paper and posters. more on that later.  

my shop stock at the minute
for now it is shop reopening party indeed. from october 15th through to the end of the month you will receive a tiny litle extra in each order, something i folded myself. especially for you.
enjoy your weekend and look forward to an exciting week, yeah? ♥

doil{il}y & shop news

my etsy banner, most probably. could change last minute
we're moving closer. every day counts. the buzz is peaceable as it has been, and i enjoy every necessary prep step towards reopening. almost rolling out the carpet for you's and fresh room to browse pretty, pretty soon! 

postcards in shop next weekend
in the meantime i ordered 'doilily' designs at moo's so i'll be offering brand new postcards to start this adventure. they've actually just gotten in and they look the part. hey-hoh to that!

inktober 2017
as you may have noticed i let myself slip into INKTOBER2017. that wasn't planned, but i did fancy ink drawing again. i sometimes feel the urge to colour in, but i restrain from it. different quality, that!

i got lost, hope to bring this one back... ☻
charcoal still huge in the academy, it may be so for a while still. i'm getting used to the material, i find out about its versatile effects and staying in a drawing longer is exhilarating. learning curve{s}! 

side step to brussels' atomium. sometimes all a girl needs is a beautiful {belgian!} vista
righto. must dash now, because life is full of surprises and the work doesn't get done under idle hands. yes, i live in riddles these days. it's the autumn coming. it's the autumn arrived.

soon, christmas! first, shop opening: next sunday, october 15th. ☺
enjoy the rest of the weekend and have a pleasant week ahead. ♥