drawing | frida

my friend m's cat is called kahlo. here he is, several years younger than today, m's male kahlo.

corner view ≈ sunshine

all the morning {and several brides and grooms} needed was a ray of sunshine. instead the drizzle steadily came down. kurt perschke's red ball in mons2015, however, did shine. jane's corner view, francesca's hosting, susanna's theme. 

drawing | a {non} trickster move

trickster. i wish. it is hands on in the studio, no tricks. for i can trick myself, but rolling up the sleeves it is these days. and i'm glad my balance is back and focus is home and courage is mine.  

tchålerwè {walloon} ~ charleroi

my heart always sings in the southern parts of belgium. i was born close to the wallony border and multiple visits across that frontière linguistique brought me french language skills and a lasting appreciation. when a visit down under calls, i can but submit. 

corner view ≈ somewhere else

longing to be somewhere else is a familiar feeling, creating restlessness along the way. the funniest thing is, i've been dreaming non stop about old places i've lived in, in a sense revisiting. as if i'm taking stock. perhaps that is exactly what i'm doing.

corner view ≈ mix and match

i don't think there's a better match for me than mixing it. i do believe i rather think in bits and pieces than i look for an overview. 

drawing | coat

i collaged a coat here, in november 2014, labeled rara avis. too funny, but thought i could mention it. today i will continue experimenting on a lick of paint or a coat of colour {my walls could do with a new coat of paint too}. 
i've been staring down vimeo and youtube films on braying paint all over: mono, stencil, screen, stamp, collagraph, ... you name it! 
and last night i leafed through the few printing books i own. which brought me to 'leaf'. {good to feel the green, green morning grass of home 'tween my toes}. and print. and experimenting on the oldest print application on earth, possibly. patrice's coats this weekend. 

corner view ≈ bright

on a bright sunny day, one can see forever. i've adapted the {film} title a little to today's theme. also recycling a weekend post, on which a dear friend told me how vincent van gogh painted pictures from tableaus his brother sent him. residing in the eclectic south, after his grim northern hemisphere séjour, the man must have learned a thing or two on brightness.

corner view ≈ once upon a time

once upon a time there was a girl who was picked up from school on a saturday morning. her dad hesitantly stepped inside the school hall and looked for his girl. there she was, clutching a thin fairy-tale book the size of her belly. the girl ran to him, grabbed his huge hand.

drawing | grass

my son could tell a story or two on grass... ☻ while i'm glad the green is shooting upwards again. goodbye moss! as it is for me, the grass is greener on another side this weekend, stopping me from participating with anything more than a déjeuner-sur-l'herbe. this is my old brussels' 'hood, aw. veronica's grass meeting this weekend. more sunny brussels here.