thirty six square metres

tiny bedroom will become my office... whooh-hooh!
i did not plan putting down the second floor laminate parquet. maybe vaguely i wished it'd get done, and i felt a little stupefied when i saw myself coming to grips with materials and making ways to start myself off.

goodbye grimey carpet rolls, hello bare floor
i didn't plan because i know, from experience, how it turns out. besides lovely, lovely! my body aches in places i didn't know i had. putting a floor down is equivalent to a gym work out, times 10.

adding the images the wrong way. never mind
when i start, i exaggerate. but frankly, putting in a floor means there's no halfway option anyway, because that's just plain uncomfortable and messy. so: two whole labour days {and i'm walking like a dinosaur}. 

earlier this week, a miscalculated half day's outing when most shops were closed.... ☻
today i am taking the day off though. i'm vintage shopping around here and we're taking it slow and easy and we'll sit down frequently and people watch, i think. my studio... ah. there's a new arrival there! 

to entertain me some, i watched this SUPER movie. mr. holmes. they look soooo sad... good film, though
my old bookcase needs a new bottom and a set of humongous wheels to turn it into a linen closet. the ladies will witness all of it pretty soon... our summer gathering is eminent and the house... will be ready too. 

i am going back to work next week (oh, eik!), but do enjoy the weekend ahead like i will. ♥

there's that also

bits and bobs and leftovers still life
i can't remember a summer holidays away from work i've enjoyed as much as this one. 

on my way to herzele, to go find the thrift shop
not doing anything in particular, hanging round, riding my bike, cooking some and working on and off, in the studio. 

still life from garden on kitchen counter
playing more like, which was absolutely what i aimed for. i needed fun, and i got me some. and much more than that i ain't doing. 

my 'bloodlines' plant and coffee break after vintage shopping
i'm stressing it, and stretching it, because i consciously took kairos.

water tower and castle on my way
and still time flies, because time is fickle after all, and one cannot grasp it. so i continue to have fun, i work in my collage lookbook, i observe things in nature to reproduce shapes in the studio.

stormy skies and little green vase. yes, new
i'm stalling on my exhibition preps, because i know it's fun to get the work done, and it'll be like listening to podcasts while i'm doing the drawings, which fills me with joy.

still life from garden on kitchen counter
and of course i go see places, i meet friends, we go vintage shopping, i watch series, i read a few books, i try out new recipes. the heat doesn't allow me to renovate, i'm not complaining. 

so, yeah. keep up with this weather, and bring us some rain. enjoy the coming week. ♥


cutting & finishing in photoshop. the sun got away with me...
the holidays have started. i am making good use of every moment, and already wish to hold still time, for days are speeding, and nights are short. 

somewhere halfway there. scanner playing up. that too
we've been having the best summer weather for over a month now. i know, because since i bought my bicycle, i've been out and about and always in short sleeves. sheer heaven. 

ypres. a visit to in flanders fields, earlier this week
i am enjoying the down time, the planned mornings with chores, easy mode however, and the afternoons perhaps spent outdoors. or not. this afternoon i glued together the sun. 

lost soldiers name tags from WW1. a visit to a site where one looses all words, at once
as if we need more sun... ☺i for one am not very much impressed by hot temps, but keeping quiet and waiting for the cooling down moment prooves to be my best option. 

enjoy your week ahead. i keep on reading, drawing, cutting, pasting and doing nothing. ♥

from A to Z in 950 years, part 2

we're at J. J for "jeugdherberg", or youth hostel
i'm beavering away at the A-Z, and i find this makes me happy in small ways. it's a tangible project and it's changing week by week, which is surprising, but perhaps not even so surprising. 

the red ball in middelheim, antwerp

isn't it often so, that as soon as you start on something, all sorts of ideas pop up? you think you're sorting things, head and hands down, and as you progress, you find you tweak, and add, and subtract. 

for sure
that's the true colour of creativity, innit; the muse perhaps. it's here one's own proper style shines through. no matter how hard i toss and turn, i end up gravitating towards my own...  

i think it's called my way ☻. i started out this particular project, convinced i was going to draw houses only, because it's what i love drawing most. but while sticking to an abc, and considering a town's borders...

sp draw the curtains already... 

... i've had to right step out. who knows where my A-Z leads to. stay tuned, you will find out with me. ☺ since the weekend's as good as gone, i must simply ask you to enjoy the week to be. ♥

if it doesn't stick, we've trouble

the last batch of saved book backs, strips of vintage stuff to be glued down
i didn't have much time to create this week. i've tried to get some time back this morning and enjoyed a podcast while cutting and pasting away.

this week's hometown's A-Z preps and progress, in between work duties
i've finally brought to the next stage a collage layout that was gathering dust on the studio table. glad it's over, i've now run out of more sentences to bring together in a collage. 

almost done and yes, drying now
both designs, the one on the left was finished a year ago, the one on the right is drying, will be turned into 'literary' postcards or greeting cards, i've yet to decide. 

M for mattetaart, although this will not appear in my A-Z; it's a seperate project
to top up my morning, i brought to 'paper existence' the local sweet pie called mattetaart, or tarte matton. made from buttermilk and sugar, it's a delicacy when baked well. so i tried to cut it well too. 

done and scanned, yet to finished as a greetings card, more on this and all others in due time
today i'm cycling to mum's and tomorrow i've got an academy shift on my agenda, which'll enable me to shoot a few images to come up with soon. Happy weekend everyone! ♥