high five

correct! five-a-ones. no, i didn’t scoop them up in one go! that’s the sport, see? i am always on the look out for ‘new’ ones, and i have my reasons. i don’t like coffee from a flask, nor from a coffee machine. an espresso machine, like, the real maccoy, is way out of my price range. nonetheless i want my coffee fresh, and i want it varied in taste, like from one cup to the other. out of necessity i started looking for the right coffee brewer years ago. then i found the cafetiere. It qualifies and it… breaks. i cannot tell you how many dead bodies i have already carried out of the house. so, you see? i do need a back up of cafetieres united in the cupboard. (hoping of course they won’t form a rebellious front, locked up inside, for i haven’t broken one single cafetiere in months. yes, i am holding my head. tightly.)
more goodies over on sophie's.


  1. Beware the army of cafetieres!! I bet you make yummy coffee. Great finds :)

  2. wooooohoooo....... what a find!!!!


    if you've got time!!!!