drawing challenge NEW THEME : mandala

good old spirograph, what else? 
how about a mandala, honey, an old acquaintance used to ask of me, if or when i started to talk gibberish. i hated mandalas for that reason, because i love talking gibberish. so i thought it could be interesting to do something with a mandala theme, and why not draw a-one, or whatever whichever? it is a mediation exercise, of that i am convinced, and it soothes the soul in all the right places too. but i also still LOVE gibberish, so's you all know! feel like giving it a try? there's no end to what a mandala is, can be, or even wants to be. i'm curious! leave your name here, we post the weekend of september 29 & 30. i think we will be in for a real treat...  

remember kaleidoscopes?

courtesy allows me to enlighten a little on the mandala? the {sanskrit word for} circle symbolises the universe. 
concentric diagrams within a mandala often hold significance in buddhism and hinduism, but since we're not fussy (i know i'm not), we can add whatever we like to our circles, i don't think buddha will mind either.
used in spiritual exercises for the purpose of concentration, i can't say what the actual effect would be, since i have not tried it. i don't think i will either, i believe the exercise is very much in the creation: turn inwards... and play. why, yes! that is concentrating. ☻
sooooooo.... will play ☺ : stefanie, patrice, {rosemary}, barbara, renilde, victoria, helen, sus, norma, ariane, céline, olga, {lynne?}, tatjana, jgysabine, ¿mano?, ...


  1. Hey woolf,
    I´m in for sure - wow!
    Looking forward big x

  2. spirograph!
    how I loved to do that
    as a child
    I am in

  3. If I have time in the next couple of hours I will give it a shot between packing my suitcase!!!

  4. Dear Woolfy this sounds like a phantastic theme to me and I own a spirograph from the fleamarket... so yes count me in and lets play together, I'm sure it will be very interesting what comes up!
    xo Barbara
    Wish you a pleasant weekend with lots of dreams about your perfect working space!

  5. yes there was a spirograph in my childhood too :)
    and this really sounds like playing , i will play along, x

  6. Gibberish? You're great at gibberish Woolfy (it's what made me think you might be a fairy...)
    Spirograph? I received a set for my tenth birthday. I'll send you a pic which will make you laugh. That's as far as my contribution to your drawing challenge will go I'm afraid, because I suck at drawing - even with a spirograph to help me out!

  7. Yay..count me in...I love this theme!!

  8. nice challenge Nadine
    count me in but I might be a little late posting.
    Have a good weekend

    Helen :)

  9. Yes please Woolfie - thanks for the invite!
    Love from the traveling sus

  10. Wowser this one is fun. Count me IN please! Norma, xo

  11. wow, dearest Nadeschda,
    whats happened here already?!
    I am in too :)


  12. I'm in too! I wonder what will happen....
    Thank you for inviting me!

  13. dearest woolfi woolf, a wonderful theme, i loved my spirograph...
    but i'm sorry because i have to say that i won't be in this time,
    thats's extra sad because you are the host!
    love, julia

  14. thank you so much, n
    for this invitation!
    i am so in

  15. Oooh, I just colored a mandala at believe it or not a mandala coloring workshop!!
    maybe I will join in, may I?
    Thanks you , Frisco kid!!!
    hee hee, I don't even know what's a frisco, no kidding!
    Circle around enough and we will meet in the center for sure!!
    love to you,♡J

  16. My daughter has one of this spirograph and it is really a fun to use it. I will be glad to be in the round on Saturday. Thank you for the great theme.

  17. dearest woolfie, count me in - but put a big question mark over it! :-) mano