cupboard talk & sehnsucht {and also renov #29}

cupboard eddie, master of disaster no more, home now to kitchen paraphernalia

"i lived in i's garage for nigh on two years.
right at the start, i was accompanied by
lamp shades and knick knacks but 
those faded month by month. our
conversation dwindled and i had to be
content with cupboard dash from the 
sixties, who is talking a different language 
anyway. my existence has been solitaire.
but unexpectedly, there came the van!
they'd been prodding me 'round the garage
a few times, each occasion throwing new
light on an otherwise quit dim situation.
but when i saw mistress coming, in good
company of a handful sturdy men, hey-ho
there we were lifted, and transported to
our new home, a kitchen outbuild." 

cupboard dash, will house paper and books, and administration of all kinds

"crosswise i stood for twenty four
months, no one did touch me much
the lights came on, oh, every day, i'll say
but never to address me, no.
big talker eddie he warned me, he said
'you mark my words, it'll take long,
have you noticed mistress already
passed thrice, without further action?'
so, when eddie shouted me to 
attention - you see, i doze off a lot,
i started hyperventilating, and their 
firm grip on my 'hind didn't help, 
but look at us now, though, we've 
finally come back to {a new} home and 
mistress's done me honour in adourning 
me with a fresh plate of kitsch."
moo! all the way. a good morning to view farm animals

that's right! in our house, cupboards talk. sometimes dirty, often wise. i missed their conversations... 
having missed myself this week's corner view of longing... i thought i could persue the case in true tinyWOOLF style. my camera prooved once again a magnifying-glass of standard. my destination was a castle nearby, my ultimate object of desire... catching sehnsucht. {sehnsucht, the german word for longing}

upstairs castle corridor

inside gaasbeek castle walls and curated by writer oscar van den boogaard, unfolds a myriad of objects of {be}longing. and then some. 
for the occasion all viewable rooms were obscured but for blue filtered daylight, which intensify the experience of melancholy (and put a damper on any photographic ambition, unless armed with outstanding apparatus, which i was not). 
it didn't however lessen the fun, nor the intention. 

kim de hert, an ode to a vintage flemish radio programme, featuring a wall mounted talking deer's head called kim

after a crazy week of both office and home turbulence, one needs to stop and go. outside. and listen. and look. and breathe. 
there is a lot more that came my way, and for good measure, this is viewable here
i was extremely lucky with dry weather, by the way, and walked for seven miles. ♥


  1. Nadine!
    die eerste kast
    wat een beauty!
    dus langzaamaan wordt je huis een thuis
    wat fijn!

    en dikke kus
    Patrice A.

  2. Hello Nadine!

    I love your cupboards talking... They have both style and character.
    You did take quite a long walk. A good idea! I might do the same today ;)

    Both cow and deer are lovely


  3. I am glad to know your cupboards talk - our animals are the talkers here, so maybe someday we have the cupboards join in? What an interesting castle visit! Happy week to you - sus

  4. I could have quite a conversation with those pretty cupboards. Wow - a seven mile walk. Impressive and what lovely things you saw while you were out!

  5. in my home my old chairs talk together...
    I love the deer!! mano

  6. Two completely different cupboards. Both lovely, both with stories to tell...
    Sounds like things are progressing very nicely indeed dear Woolfy, if you've started inviting the furniture in. Yipee!

    p.s. working my butt off here!

  7. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing the cupboards' thoughts. I like them both and can see uses for both even in the same household.
    Okay, I am impressed--VERY--by a seven-mile walk---yikes! Seriously, good for you. But while I may allow my cupboards to talk as you do yours, I sincerely doubt that my knees will agree to accompany me on a 7 mile walk like your knees did you!;>)
    Such wonderful sights you saw---thanks so much for sharing with us.
    I wish I could find my zany button--the one that used to make my life a bit crazy, but happy like your words do me.

  8. mmmm, not a very friendly cow, what was her problem? :)
    hope home turbulence has subsided.

  9. LOVE that top dresser. i'll take the cow too. sounds like things are advancing apace! how nice it will be to see it all put together.......

  10. hope you had a nice time! bise de Paris (tu es toujours la bienvenue si tu veux passer par ici!)

  11. for a minute or two, Kers, I thught that you moderized the indiana looking cupboard. It twould look great in front of a scritched wall (the kind of walls I like, ya know. I love them both.
    Does your deer talk>>>just like my Wynken? I have really interesting conversations with animals but haven't talked to the cupboards yet...I'll hav'ta see what they might reveal.♥

  12. Long time ago since I've been here,Nadine! But I like to fladder door je blog :-)) I'm searching for glimpses of your house ..

    xx Ingrid

  13. Long time ago since I've been here,Nadine! But I like to fladder door je blog :-)) I'm searching for glimpses of your house ..

    xx Ingrid