seeing venice and ... drawing | moon

that moon doesn't half beg for attention. it is hiding the subtitle laguna, which could also be read as lacuna, the wild orchard of space i've been living in. funny how over the months of these drawing challenges, i have been into round shapes {here, here and here}. i wonder what moon will be shining where we're heading this weekend, besides all of those over on patrice's. ... for now, you will find us getting....

... lost. that shouldn't be too hard, it seems any calle echoes the previous one, both in name and outlook. we're two minutes off piazza san marco. we may gently phase passers-by from our sunny {?} outside spot, sipping a recommended spritz. we shall be sniffing lagoony air, and quaffing ristrettos till our lips burst. both my hands dangling in the eau-de-canal, bell will mind the camera, NOT letting it drop outside the gondola, thank you very much. this is what we hope for. but plans, hand on ♥, we have not. besides getting lost. see you on the other side of travel! {or in other words: next week} tally-ho & aaaah-hoooo...


  1. Nadine!
    wat een fijne maan
    en het mannetje een Italiaan!
    ik wens je een fijne tijd
    en ik wil er alles over horen
    want mijn moeder en ik
    gaan dit najaar!!

    welkom terug
    en a big hug!!

    Patrice A.

  2. I love your drawing of the little gondola man in the moon dear Woolfy.
    I will think of you trailing your hands in the waters of the canal, sipping vino and having an utterly lovely, well deserved holiday.
    Buone vacanze!

  3. yes to getting lost in Venice - I've actually done it, and it's magical!
    your moon drawing is possibly my favorite, there's something so beautiful about its simplicity: few colors, round shapes, a man lost in a laguna on the moon. Gorgeous.
    see you on the other side of travel :)

  4. Lucky you are!!! I love Venice... and your pictures of this beautiful place.

  5. Have a wonderful time in Venice! Whenever I look up in the sky at the moon I'll think of you being lost and enjoying every minute of it. Love you man in the moon..............xo Carole

  6. your moon, a soft place full of dreams and adventures, the gentle rocking of a gondola.
    you getting lost in Venice will, i'm sure, bring us a treasure of pictures i'm already looking forward to. enjoy dear Woolfie, xx
    je post maakte me blij.

  7. Your moon is just wonderful. I love the little man in it. It feels so very friendly! I hope you have a good time in venice, enjoy getting lost!

  8. I love your moon laguna and its perfectly perfect circle – so much creativity… I affectionately love your man in the moon sailing in a moonlit lagoon. The asterisk like shapes within the letters reminds me of a Zen expression: “No snowflake ever falls in the wrong place.”

    I’ve never been to Venice, but feel as if I will experience an even lovelier version through the eyes of Nadine.

  9. Bon Voyage, friend Nadine! Thank you for leaving us with the light of the moon-a lagoona. xxoo, sus

  10. Lost in Venice ... geniet van je trip en ben benieuwd hoe het daar is. See you soon xxx

  11. spritz!
    love it!
    the moon too.
    if i had to choose...
    it would be the moon after all. but a spritz in the moonlight is not bad either!

  12. Oh wow, so lucky you to go and see the moon over Venice!
    If you really get lost, call me, I'll come and search through the alleys to find you! ;o)
    Have a nice trip!!

    P.S.: In case you should get lost with some pretty Italian gondolier, stay there! We'll all come and visit you for sure! ;o)))

  13. Wow Venice, lucky you! Your moon is nice and also is the little gondola man :-)

  14. Nadine!

    glad to see you back I love your moon its gorgeous so nice to see your drawing. Funny how it is but its now my turn for a break Im taking 4 weeks off to complete some work and study I need to get out of the way.

    So we will catch up by email or back on blogs

    Helen x

  15. Tiny Woolf in Venice! I want to hear all about it when you are back ;)

    Ah! La Luna! and the gondola man inside it... how cute!

  16. Hi Nadine, I'm so happy to see you back in blogworld and drawing challenge and like always: you're so special and I love it!
    You lucky one, never been to Venice and I can't wait to see ? bits and pieces of your travel journal with teared circels ;)
    I love round (and organic) shapes as well - its just a perfect form.
    Have a wonderful wonderful trip and enjoy the sun!
    Greatings of the snowy north.

  17. I love all the patterns and textures in your drawing Nadine. Have a brilliant time!

  18. I could cry, dearest Nadeschda, I could cry for joy!
    You are back to dc and I love your drawing... especially that tiny Italian.... haha, the gondolier!
    Hmm... Venice... are you on honeyMOON?!

    xo Ariane.

  19. this is wonderful! and such good news your travel plans sound so exciting and appropriate to the theme this week- so nice to "see" you again from your hibernating time ;)

  20. your venice tiny woolf is the greatest! I wanna go with him to visit you there... and I can hear the gondolier singing "mooohhhnnnlight":
    have a wonderful wonderful time! :)) mano

  21. your header is so cool!!!
    And the Venice moon just great, it´s so good to meet here again. I love your drawing style! You seem so free.
    Hope you spend a good time in Venice x Stefanie

  22. nice to have you back and looks like i'm not the only one feeling that way! so looking forward to your venice posts. lucky clever you! my plan for this time next year was already venice!!!! great minds think alike! xoxo

  23. oh what a fun moon - makes me dream of going off on vacation! cheers, ~Jen