month of july, collage be

antwerp, looking for a cool spot under the summer leaves of "stadspark" trees in different colours
was it ever hot in july? i did do fun things, with fun people. here's a little report. well, a lengthy report. remember. by hovering over the images, more is revealed.

as i quit the job for summer, i intended to do not a thing. unplugging did cause withdrawal symptoms and {unnecessary} loss. barbarabee witnessed my disorientation when losing my glasses. on the plus side, i did eat off my first swiss chards crop ever.
i traveled some, on day trips. i was at the seaside twice. it was cold twice.

i drew and doodled alot, in between days, of a free-wheelin', non-conformist variety. filling an analog diary with plans, i finally collected blogland paraphernalia in a few colour toned images, ...
... thus creating, it seemed to me, multiple mood boards, reminding me of a previous drawing challenge.

which also seems to have summed up this whole month of july: collage starting up with barbarabee's 365 days of memories in our home, {thxs for stopping by, b}

visiting elt mesens' star alphabet in oostend, receiving UPPERCASE magazine through the mailbox, in which it's all about collage.
slipping through my beloved brussels central station, to catch most national train connections,

always inspires me too, to get started. if you don't find your little something in my collage mood boards, then excuse me. please send your remarks to yours truely... ☻

the month of july saw me tending to family visiting in a front living room which has finally come together {bar some significant details not showing up in a clair obscur...}, offering them greens from the garden, a.o. things.

the second part of the month would have seen me tackle our non existing walk-in bathroom shower, but as it was ...
... a heatwave flung itself in between my best intentions and my wiltering labour. i worked on the tinyWOOLF shop {to be relaunched in the autumn} instead.
was sweltering in the process. drank water and had colourful intermezzi.

just a few days ago i managed to clean up the garden and let myself think about the contents of my travel bag. ...

oh yes.
i'm off.
will be thinking of all of you - as always -
while i shoot the world outside my window.


  1. I am all ears... and eyes here, dearest Nadeschda! and with you...
    Paris <3

    xo Ariane

  2. .. very pretty mosaicked tinywoolf!

  3. Nice ! Hope to see you soon !

  4. Don't know where to much input. Of the lovely kind.
    At least some words. I remember having visited a beautiful design hotel in antwerp during studies excursion, but i don't remember if it was the same you stayed in. Could be. Your collages...wonderful! Found some well-known details and smiled. Your drawings - amazing again. And finally Paris! So full of envy and wanderlust. No big travels for me this year, as it seems. Luckily it's all of you internet folks that take me by the hand and on your trips. Enjoy, take care and give a big hug to Svea! See you soon!

  5. WOW!! Nadine what a fantastic post- I'm going to have to look at it a few times as there is SO much to see, so much I recognize and am in love with :) Very inspiring and sounds like such a fruitful month for you!! thanks so much for sharing :)

  6. so much here! a lovely july so far! and more to come! enjoy enjoy! xoxo

  7. ps yes do really love the drawings of your groovy hotel room and BB's skirt!

  8. fantastic new wolf, beautiful drawings of the room contents and lovely colorful collages!
    have a good time in paris! love, mano

  9. Wow, Nadine! I so enjoyed this post. Thanks for sharing July with us. xo Carole

  10. oooo.....
    ik wil daar zitten aan je tafel in de voorkamer!
    met al dat heeeeeeerlijke eten!
    en die foto's met al dat fijns dat je kreeg via de post
    maakt me lichtelijke jaloers ;^))
    Parijs, geniet!
    en tot snel!!


    begrijp ik dat je het adres van Ingrid hebt gevonden?
    zo ja, mag ik het ook, alsjeblieft?!!....

  11. oh ... suchs a detailed month. Looks wonderful. Enjoy Paris :)

  12. A feast for the eyes! I love the collages. I hope to make some in my soon-to-be office/studio in the farm house.
    Love the architecture --those balconies and windows--so different from what I've seen in the US [of course there are a lot of places I haven't seen here, so we may have something similar lurking somewhere -;>) ]. The roof lines reminded me of the movie Peter Pan and the awesome windows from which the kids fly to Neverland. I am fascinated by buildings' facades and their roof lines.
    Fantastic post, Nadine.:>)

  13. These posts have been so rich and full! What a treat for someone who has been away from her favorite blog. I love the photos! I'm always inspired after stopping by. Thank you xoxoxo

  14. "contents of room 404." FRAME IT. i love it so so much!

    the shot of your friend-as-ballerina, on the park bench. lovely.

    your front room dining table (and the three turquoise flower vases in the window.)