drawing | tattoo

i started the drawing on the eurostar train back home last night, and completed it today on another inland train line. the funniest thing happened as i dug up my fountain pen too. can you see it? i kinda like that small spur {image left}.

i find messages in the world of tattoo may be bold, no? words may lie, right? as i passed above tattoo shop in peckham yesterday afternoon {image right}, i thought if anyone can call himself the king of tattoo, then i can call myself queen of hearts for the day, only just using my first name's intial. ready for decal! patrice holds many tattoos in her palm, on her arm, on her heart? errrr, on her face??? 
UK images to follow as soon as possible. not just yet. ♥


  1. Yey! Did you walk into that shop to have your little skin ink tattoed? Haha!
    Listen, dear, I recently saw a video with Morrissey signing books in Gothenburg and when he took a pen and wrote his name on the forearm of a fan, I said I would immediately ran into the next tattoo shop and have that signature tattooed!!
    Well, that's the only thing I can imagine to be stitched in my skin for ever right now... ;o)

    No doubt you're the queen of hearts, by the way. It's somehow tattooed all over your face! ;o)))
    Greetings to UK!

  2. I think that you are the Queen of Hearts too!!
    Who has secretly a tattoo? Not me, that's for sure!

    I love UK, take me with you for a little bit....

  3. Ha, the queen of hearts would be a very bold design to have Nadine I like your thinking...and look forward to hearing more about your trip :)

  4. Great design, Queenie Nadinee!
    xxxo, sus

  5. queen of hearts
    and a small ink spot
    you make me


  6. how nice to be able to hop on a train, and stop in the UK!

  7. oh, queen of hearts! I love the little tattoo so much! :))

  8. I love it! Has put the old country song in my head though....

  9. I like your queen of heart tattoo/drawing
    yes, you may be queen ;-)
    i find words and the consciousness as well as unconscious use of them very interesting
    yep, so very interesting are words

    lovely weekend to you~