drawing | folds

i was train riding into cartoon classes early this morning, ackowledging i am running behind on short term tasks such as DC and 
my routine of drawing a house a day. yet again. here's culprit numero 1

as soon as i got home from class, i managed to lay a first bottom row of mosaic. 
it only took me three hours, which held me away from aforementioned tasks, naturally. 

the folds are hardly noticeable, i agree, but i did enjoy line dotting those blue flowers. 

more shower work tomorrow, i'm afraid. well, there's just one way of finishing a job and that is to get on with it. 
in the meantime, in the fold, chez carole this weekend! ♥


  1. Cartooning and showers and Drawing Challenges..... the way life un-folds. Or possibly en-folds us.
    xo Carole

  2. Wow! I'm impressed! Courage!
    & warm greetings from Patris!

  3. how wonderful that a bit more is done with your shower
    what a grand task it has been
    and how enjoyable it shall be when completed

    loved seeing your sketches too

  4. sweet nadine
    i love the folds and the first glimse of your cartoon-drawings!
    i love the shower, it already looks so, so fine
    and i love your whimsical words and sense of humor ;^))


  5. I admit I have problems to see the folds, but I see you did a lot of work in your bathroom you're surely the queen of renovation and I really love your cartoon drawings the look so fab already- wow! I wish I could join in... but in the end I will see your cartoon story and that will be amazing I'm sure. Well done!!!!!
    xo barbara bee

  6. Oh dear Nadine, well, I can see the bathroom is a necessity and I think you're doing a fantastic job. I can totally see the folds in your sketchbook. Very nicely done. The blue dot flowers are fantastic too. Hope your week will be a brilliant one. x

  7. ♥ this post - queen of renovation (thanks to bbee!)!!
    :-)) mano

  8. I'm so impressed with how handy you are! and I understand your dread at those tasks- as things like that are not high on my list of favorite things to do...but at the same time there must be a tremendous sense of accomplishment when you do complete a task- as a bit down the road when your able to use that shower I'm sure there will be a big sigh of contentment!
    hopefully under a bast of hot water :)
    drawings are always fun to see- you've got a great sense of line and pattern- I think Carole is right life unfolds in your post :)

  9. well done! The first shower after finishing will be a great moment!

  10. sometimes its good when folds are hard to see ... big smile and all the best.

  11. Wow! Tiny tile, I love it!!! You are working double time. Reward awaits! You are amazing!!!

  12. that's going to be the most gorgeous shower since Roman (mosaic) times! :)