ich bin kein berliner, aber... {cv ~ morning light}

the berlin morning light fell filtered through a row of trees standing opposite the small seventies hostel, just off ostbahnhof. it was to be day two of that early july swelter. jane's corner view, francesca's hosting, kelleyn's theme. {this german one's for you, kelleyn! ☺}

when you holiday and travel on set dates and within a set time frame, you don't get to choose the weather. just like hitting a heat wave in paris a few years back, i did it again in berlin. on a first time visit, that devestating heat determined my impressions. 

to say berlin made an impact would be the understatement of the year. at first i did not understand the abundance of construction work going on like, ALL OVER THE PLACE. next i sort of choked on the many coloured berlin water pipes here and there (and everywhere). slowly however, through walking, my eye adjusted, my body softened, my soul surrendered. 

i came unprepared, so i talked to berliners as often as possible. i found them in shops, and i had the honour to meet up with annton in kreuzberg neukölln, at the fish bowl, and enjoyed a few hours of true berlin spirit. i am so grateful. 

not ever before have i been captured by a city's smell like here in berlin. the heavy scent of linden pursued and permeated me every step of the way. the yellowish fragrant flower clusters stuck to the soles of my feet as well, urging me not to leave yet, as it were. 

and i'm sure that i haven't. part of me stays behind like a point of reference. when i go back, i can pick up where i left off. walk with me on those summery streets in berlin, and peek through my eyes at what made me jump for joy. it sounds corny, but i do am falling in love.  


  1. What a nice trip!!! Enjoy.

  2. oooh....
    such wonderful images!
    and i love, LOVE, your small room
    that wallpaper ;^)))
    thanks for taking me there
    i can understand that you are falling in love


  3. that hostel really seems to be very nice. I love the interior. and for the rest (one tiny thing, we're located in neukölln), I love the way you've looked at this city. and the amount of places you have been, impressive. especially considering the heat! xx annton

  4. wonderful pics! and of course i especially loved the gummis and the cake! looking forward to the next installment. xoxo

  5. very interesting to be with you in Berlin, my old home town... I love that special view you have and you share with us here!
    x Stefanie

  6. Hi N. Here you are with the first Berlin impression and now I realize how long I haven't bin to Berlin because I never saw this water pipes you talked about before. Indeed a weird look. Your photos are echte Nadine Fotos like always - very nice. looking forward to continue your travel through your eyes.
    In Hamburg sagt man Tschüß

  7. Wow, it feels like a city made for you or rather that the city invited you N♥ from its bureau of creative imagination!!.
    Before reading about the purple pipes and construction, just looking at the photos made me feel how amazing it must be for you to step into those scenes. Happy travels, and happy creating the destinations of your imagination!!♡

  8. I wish to peek through that window and see what is beyond.

  9. What a wonderful adventure. I love how you write ... especially this line: "slowly however, through walking, my eye adjusted, my body softened, my soul surrendered."
    Such a great description of the traveler's process!

  10. I agree with Tzivia, there is such poetry in that line.
    You have left me wondering what linden, fresh linden Berlin in summer smells like. I am such a collector of scents.
    We have just read about talking to trees and that is one tree I wish I could talk too, heh heheehehe
    Wonderful photos!

  11. What a marvelous feeling to be so captured by a new place! I haven't been to a foreign, new place in so long ...

  12. body softened, soul surrendered.
    Sometimes that is all we have to do.....and to slow down.
    Looks like a wonderful trip.....thanks for sharing photos.

  13. Love the morning light in your corner of the world. Makes me smile!

  14. unter die linden, or something like that.
    I like a city with a smell, the south provides me with that, I love the smell of Nîmes in the summer.