aachen surprise

i could never have imagined, crossing the belgian border into the german city of aachen, i would encounter architecture that would make my heart beat so much faster. and it did. ♥

although in aachen right now all is to do with christmas tidings, presents, {printen} cookies and aromatic glühwein, i wanted to look beyond the gimcracks.....

.... into behind~the~scenes local treasures, desterted alleys and quiet green commons. i found them too, with a little help of tanïa, who enthusiastically showed me 'round, taking me straight into the east end. aren't east ends often promising? 

now, UP north was interesting too, albeit cold and windy. on sunday morning i grappled the lousberg, seemingly popular amongst early bird joggers. i took to loitering instead, encountering tiny gems as in tall, grand villas.

you'll find more christmas cheer to get yourself in the spirit. next weekend i'll conclude my tiny aachen adventure and tell you a story about a bearded old man. fetching! ☺


  1. happy for you - it all looks like in a fairytale - or is just because of your eye?!
    x Stefanie

    1. rest assured and you did sus me out... all in the eye of the beholder... making it into a bit of a white lie... sshhhhhhhhhhhh. don't tell anyone. :-))) n♥

  2. A nice walk, full of surprises! Thanks :) have e nice day!

  3. It was such a pleasure to have you here and show you some bits of my city! Now it's my turn. Wohooo! Read that last sentence? So much included...
    Love your review of Aachen, it feels so home and cosy!
    Hugs from here to there,

  4. OH Nadine!
    dat ziet er heel fijn uit!
    dankjewel voor de link naar alle foto's ;^))
    (vandaag is Jongste naar Munster met school
    maar of ik daar een foto van zal zien ... ;^))

  5. that row of houses is pretty spectacular!

  6. Love the light in that third photo, and I would love to visit that house hidden behind its grove of trees. It looks so mysterious and cozy at the same time...

  7. It does look like a fairy tale!