i see it's snowing in germany. so send on over some snow white crystals if you please. am (almost) dying for wanting some: to roll in, to gaze at, to freeze in and thaw again, to new moods and expectations. 

i have been cutting houses from light cardboard prints, because i'm looking into fun ways to dress up the spring exhibition. and i'm drawing now, one commission for a local magazine, and still 15 new drawings to go. tip of the tongue pointed. in mouth corner. oh my. 

all while cartoon classes are slowly but surely accelerating into terrifying speed to get all of our colour in and be done with it already. i'll show that in its finished state, not just yet. instead here's a tiny house booklet experiment. long time no see tiny booklet!

i can live with changing commitments. it is called flow of the moment: you can only do so much, and no worries initial intentions evaporate into enough~for~now. x-mas tree baubles back in the box and house halo's. and then some snow. in a globe. if you please.☻


  1. flow of the moment.
    sometimes it can change too much.

  2. spring exhibition and commission for a local mag sound good news! (far better than snow, if you want my opinion!)

  3. It's great to hear what you've been up too. Wonderful opportunities unfolding for you. Keep that tongue pointed.
    Has your request for snow been granted yet? I hope you get at least a little. xo Carole

  4. looks like your busy and your creativeness is blooming.
    no snow to send from here....sorry.

    look forward to seeing some of your finished stuff for the exhibition.