drawing | meditation

closeby is a walk i favour. it leads to the baronie, now a rest home for the elderly. a quiet place indeed. and lovely, and green.
the drawing challenges of the past i enjoyed most were the ones where a quirky element sided up with dots and line drawing. and really it takes me straight back into my childhood days, where lines and circles and dots were also prominent. it is for life, i figure. 

a collection of drawings in progress
lately, and since i'm preparing for the local spring exhibition, this excessive repetition pushes to become a trademark, and one i cling to for good measure, for it brings me calm and joy while spending my time laboriously and feeling grounded for it. 

table big enough to hold both the movie player and drawing paper, and still have space
yes, a meditation-of-sorts, an introvert experience anyway. albeit in the company of voices, whether a radio play or one or other series i listen to rather than watch. sotto voce, so to speak. tammie's DC theme this weekend. enjoy your days.... 


  1. mooi mooi!
    en zo herkenbaar
    het repeterende als meditatie
    dat zou ik meer moeten doen ;^))

  2. Repetition of lines, circles, and dots... that is, to me, a meditative process indeed...

  3. I agree with Patrice and Sharmon. All your houses... a street full of meditations! - eric

  4. I like to listen to soft background voices also. No always. But I love the BBC radio on my computer for that. I like crime dramas; serials; ones that are an hour each. Repetition is meditative, yes! And while you are doing what you are doing (making art) you live in a parallel universe so to speak...the one where your meditation process takes you, and the one while you are at the same time, mark-making. At the end of the day, you get a wonderful piece you have created and we can all enjoy it. It's the best. I love those two blue vases. N, x

  5. P.S. I've only the very last finishing touches needed for your piece I am sending you. It's been on my work desk for over a week; but now I'm away house/cat sitting. Excuses I know, but true. It'll be in the mails in a few days' time. Ta. N, x

  6. A street of meditation, dearest Nadeschda, wonderful!
    You didn't (and still don't) know, what a spiritual woman you are, don't you?
    (You have written at Tammie's and here too, that when you draw, you are introvert... but isn't it so, that one can be introvert and in the same time one can feel as a part of the big picture, and in peace, in a flow? A highly spiritual moment.)
    A big table is worth a mint.
    Love, Ariane. Rose............

  7. I so agree, art can be like a prayer or meditation, something that brings us present to the moment. Lines and dots certainly feel this way to me. I wish you a grand time as your prepare your arts. I loved seeing each piece and glimpse. Thank you.

  8. You make it look and sound so ahhhh, in fact. Really a discipline where a rhythm is reached.

  9. So beautiful! I love the intricate details, the gate is so magical...and the roof tiles, all so beautiful expressed. Yes I too feel drawing can be deeply meditative, entrancing.. peaceful and still! I have missed visiting you and your beautiful world my friend, so lovely to see your creative energy and gorgeous art! I love the eye on the computer screen too!
    Thanks for visiting me too!

  10. the colour and detail of your stonework is beautiful. i like to listen while i paint too..sometimes music but mostly to podcasts..the slow steady rhythm of someones voice..it adds an ease to the process. love the detail in your work.

  11. you need to add the yoga meditation sort to your mix! :)
    PS do you check your tags on IG? I've tagged you a couple of times (in placed I thought might have been of interest to you), but I don't believe you see them. May be a problem with android not showing notifications properly.