when the library room was a distant dream. five years later the framework in corner happened at last
years ago i was told renovation takes years. at the time i felt inclined to counterpose and then i didn't. now i know why: it does take years. it may not ever stop! yet the focus {and result} this entails is actually exhilarating. 

kitchen clock teaming up with front room refurbishing
 my beloved front room, still disheveled after the spring exhibition, is finally coming together, from the floor up. i've not always been taking in between pictures, but am trying to put a point across anyway. it's good to finally finalize, and it feels great to share. 
hello freshly painted cupboard, one of three
the humongous sideboard is painted and has been filled with books by now. four wheel drive on those babies in the corner there for easy maneuvering. the walls have been repainted. the corner frame was upholstered. plain hardboard for now. birch trees papering to follow. 
365 days project. ongoing
 in other news : the 365 projecty'all know i'm choosing holidays or days of observation to subject my daily posts. my aim was to practice gouache painting. i find however i like collage just as much and i finally put to use all those saved scrapped bits and bobs....
don't you just die for this spread in my latest thrift shop fairytale book find?
 at times it feels like i'm groping in the dark a little, but i think there's one way, which is forwards. i've created a personal online portfolio at last and some more finetuning needs to be done to a proper website. 
sunrise near the water, 9 AM
i try to fill up on moments like this one here above : sunrise nearby home and on my way to thrift shop. now it's saturday afternoon, music's playing softly. the shopping rush over, i'm moving onto a cooking session and watching a few series. and enjoy a proper G&T. 
i got my date wrong. what else is new
wishing you a most wonderful weekend. it's a long one here, may all souls rest in peace. and may we shiver a little under a tiny halloween breath, just for the fun of it. i'm lighting candles and curling up in my settee. like. right. now. ♥


  1. ziet er fijn uit!
    geniet van je lange weekend
    ik ga nog even werken ;^)))

    daaag Nadinetje

  2. lovely post! keep on groping. and yes, for better or worse (or mas o meno - cuz i'm taking spanish classes!) home improvement never stops. like oneself, no? it's nice to share the progress!

  3. i am in love with the light shining through that blue glass bottle...

  4. are you ever finished renovating, I wonder?