pink scallops
i went doily crazy all week long. if not in my mind, then on paper, and in between two chores i particularly dislike at the moment: renovating, and cleaning up. 

felled trees by the road side
i accidentally programmed the dishwasher in french, which makes me sad, so sad. i can't reset the languages, believe me i have done research to do so. why does all of this sh*te come in languages???

pink in progress
but thankfully there's been a bit of sunshine and a bit of going places too, although last week started with ikea to do's and it now seems to be ending on a similar note: i am still building interior objects. ☻

some of m's mum's tracing papers on ribbon lace, a.o. thankful source of inspiration 
since it's harvest time summer vegetables seem to be falling out of the sky so i've made constant use of the kitchen, mainly to preserve for a more barren winter time, which'll come, obviously. 

rhapsody in blue ☻
to end on a milder but contradictory bleaker note; i am watching OLIVE KITTERIDGE, after i red the book. i am saying bleak, and i mean it. but it is oh! so! good! love you, frances mc dormand. 

i hope you are having a sunny weekend and enjoy the week ahead! ♥


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