old bones

we're the old bones, i sometimes feel. because, who's still blogging? thought so. IG stories are rising and that means that so much talk is being poured into ever shorter messaging. which is fine, but short. 

i've come to name my posts here newsletters. i have no idea who are reading these. i don't keep stats, didn't ever. but who is still summoning up the courage to read? because that's what it is about.

one needs time, one needs space, and preferably not a hand sized reader that doesn't allow room for comfort. and one needs an open mind, a will to navigate, to stand still, to observe. are you still reading any? 

there's few blogs i follow and i read in depth. my mode of reading up has changed considerably too. and i miss those olden times, those windows into other people's homes, miles and miles away from my own. 

the words we spoke, the phrases we exchanged. we've all seen them being reduced to stickers, gifs and emojis. i dare almost say, what a waste of language. but then evolution is perhaps this?... daring to change....

i've added images from WATOU SUMMER EXHIBITION, and am too lazy at this point to look up who is who. sorry, artists. will do at some point. 

♥ have an excellent week ahead everyone. ♥


  1. I still blog and dying too write however, due to legalities, for the moment, I have to think harder about what I write and not able to be so free.
    But I still love to read blogs!

  2. I am an old bone, too, dearest Nadine,
    right, some talk is pouring into different channels: IG, fb, twitter... faster and faster, more and more.
    I started with my blog seven years ago and I am still in love with that peace, that quiet place, no space! and the open hearts at that time. It has been so exciting! and felt close, like real contact! And, you know, Dear, it became real contact, for that I am really, really happy. What a gift! Pure blessing!
    Now, with less time (in my beginnings I worked two days only, now four) I started blogging again with a review of the last month. It's a mix of photos that I have posted on IG and fb, but even photos that I have taken with my heavy camera. I love to go for a stroll with my camera, but because of my lack of time, it's not often. For now, I write in German at Rose to try to find my voice again. So, I am still Rose from the Castle at the Eisenbach, I think, at that level...
    I am happy to find YOU here, still blogging! My loveliest dino!
    Love, Ariane. Rose

  3. I will always read your blog Woolfy.
    I concur with everything you write above.
    Ona trivial note, I am tempted to risk seven years bad luck in the makings of my own mirror like the one above. x