corner view ≈ end of my street

an end is a beginning, it matters where you stand. the task delivers, i stand in unexpected spots in order to get my fill of the street end, and its beginning. welcome

i bend down

i look up

i read the message

i drown in colour

a band is playing

the wall is sometimes the end


  1. Like the way you did these photos. Really interesting and great colours.

  2. Leuk om alle kanten te zien!!! Funny!

  3. Leuk gedaan zeg! And no, I'm not kidding. That really was the end of our street. Ik ga hier even verder snuffelen ;-)

  4. What a nice and interesting place ! with beautiful shots to present it to us !! Thanks

  5. this is belgium?...
    beautiful shots!

  6. very nice CV !
    i don't why but the last picture really attracts me... looks very graphic and let your inmagination wanders about what might be behind these tall walls...