know your pola

zip polaroid land camera - polaroid 636 - polaroid one 600
here’s the thing. on three consecutive visits to an undistinguished recycling shop nearby, i bump into a polaroid camera. finding them so effortlessly on my path makes my head turn twice, any polaroid fanatic will figure. every single time i pick one up, not knowing why, or even what to do with it. i am aware of polaroid fever, and have certainly missed round 1 to that, but that’s as far as my enthusiasm reaches.
so i have to call upon the service of those of you who are in the knowing, to simply state whether i’ve bought something worth its while (see specifications underneath picture), or should i just go ahead and do away with them? [sophie has more vintage].


  1. I love them also..but it seems very expensive to do something with that wonderful camera here in I'll fake it! With the download poladroid ..Its also fun!