{vintage} ghent windows

(vintage "closed" sign at the door)
on our day off bell and i decided to score some (window) shopping. “windows only” soon turned out the tenor of the day, really. after the popular ghent festivities a lot of beauties did close shop for a (well deserved) break after a ten day partying marathon (this is a local habit only!).

("dicht" means, you've got it!, c l o s e d )
(and psssssssssst - doesn't the girl half remind you of mad men's peggy olson?)
tough luck we chose this day of all days to uncover those unfamiliar treasures ~ gladly whispered in ears by lily & hermine. a big thank you, girls! ~ , only to find most doors closed for holidays.

(orange chocolate treats)
not all was bad though. the sun was out, it wasn’t too hot, big fluffy clouds persued, In the end those windows really did work a treat. they kept our spirits high for a swift return to hands full of inspiring ideas. and then for sophie's choice.


  1. Geweldig mooi bord die eerste en wat een leuk idee...maar man wat ziet die chocola er heerlijk uit....poeh.

  2. Hi! Yes, she does look like Peggy Olson! I'm in the middle of season 3, it's just a fantastic series.

  3. Sometimes window (only) shopping is the most fun! And glad you had a break from the heat. Could you send some of that cooler air our way?

    My favorite photo here is the red framed window.

    Happy Sunday!

  4. Mmmmm, those orange chocolate treats are making my mouth water! Somehow I don't think Jaffa Cakes will do the trick.

  5. I would like to taste some of those chocolate orange treats they look too good. Great window shopping =)

  6. Great post - I would love to perouse those streets! I love love love your blog header - please translate for me?
    Thankls for you comment on my blog!

  7. We've lost the pleasure of window shopping! Thanks for reminding me of a lost treat! Hope you have a wonderful week ;-)

  8. Yes, Peggy Olsen for sure! Like those windows - sometimes that is all it takes to life the spirits :^)