drawing | tail

i chuckle when i read jasmin's proposition for this week's drawing theme, TAIL. just a few days prior to this, i am leafing through my

and halt at a started page about a fish, while thinking, must finish this page to see what it will turn into. the funny thing is i have drawn the fish in two halfs, like below here. i had already written the words 'tale' inside its belly, for i love the homophony of tail and tale. i never knew my fish was going to be called elba, nor did i realize she was going to bring home the bacon. until she seemingly did. humbly fishing for equal pay day, showing off her best tail, i think i'm being naïve. now jasmin is harbouring more wagging tails ...

[please click to enlarge, so you can read about the bacon....]


  1. That is so cool, is this what you do for a living work in the creative field I sure hope so!

  2. That is amazing Nadine. The picture. And the wonderful list of 7 things. But also that we both used text and book pages and that we used words tail AND tale. I was going to draw something completely different - but inspiration took me somewhere else. Possibly the same land that you went to ...... x

  3. this reminds me of one of the books by louis carrol. there is a mouse about to tell a long and sad tale, but alice is looking at the mouse's tail, thinking it is indeed long, but not very sad.

    cool drawing, by the way :) i love stories incorporated into illustrations themselves.

  4. Dear Nadine,
    wonderful fish-tail/tale. Is your fish Elba from the river Elbe? Maybe I've seen it in Hamburg?!

    And you are right: its amzazing how many tales from tails are coming off...I never would have guessed.

    (Maybe I'm the next host?)

    x Ariane.

  5. dear nadine, i like your elba a lot!! xx julia

  6. Nadine, I love this. I would like to have it on my wall right in front of me! Heidi said it: this is so cool. Can't wait to see what you're up to for next word. I believe Ariane will be hosting.

  7. oh! wonderful! i love the list of seven things. and i'm so impressed how much thought you put into this! ♥