nose job (111-7) {vintage wallpaper musings}

he lived in a time when a nose job didn't have the inclination it has today. nobody he knew would dream of having anything changed on himself, for features are what defines a true man. cousin vinn had flapping ears, they called him dumbo, but that was a deviatory tool, for vinn was clever, was he ever. his brother harm (short for harmand) walked the village in a size 19. it sure rendered impact, especially when a door needed kicking down. herb himself now carried a nose to be proud of, no more no less. He always said, a good nose is the true path to health, scrubbed in a whiff.


  1. A cheer for a nose!
    Dear Nadine,
    he's right...'a good nose is the true path to health, scrubbed in a whiff.' What a wonderful sentence.
    When I've first saw your pic of a wall/face with nose I just recognize a woman's hairstyle, one eye with lashes and a small line for the nose...

    See you with FISH at Elisabeth's place on weekend?

    x Ariane.

  2. You make me smile again and again, X

  3. Cyrano de Bergerac???

    p.s. ok I'm going to be honest...
    my first thoughts were that it was a pic of a dog's poo...

  4. It's Mr Nosey from the Mr Men books - I read it just this morning at playgroup!

  5. How can you be so nice just talking about noses? :)
    Big kisses ( esquimals do it with their least that's what I've been told)

  6. Ha ha :) perfect pareidolia !

  7. i just love your wallpaper musings : )

  8. I saw that nose perfectly clear..before I knew that was what you were storying about!♥