corner view ≈ room, for a bath {renov# 21}

j. slapping on the plaster
a handyman told me, once you move into your unfinished house, finishing is no longer a pressing issue. i nodded, thinking i don't think so! then son and i moved in. canceling the ground floor and its functions is what we needed to do, as much so physically as in our heads. what a switch it was. initially it raced a storm. 

grey, brown, beige, creme, white - dust it is

until springtime, when matters started to look up. they also looked dusty, for sunlight and full moon nights were flooding those empty spaces. i realised if anytime soon-ish we want to cook in the room where cooking is projected, i had better put my skates on. 

temporary light bulb

recently though, i've been blogging close to speed limit, i've been rummaging and whizzing 'round the house choring, i've been thrifting. my word! have i been thrifting : filling up box after box to stow away again. but i've not been handling one single proper power tool. how to press on?

fridge on wheels

well. by pressing on, i guess. like i'm always telling the other, you go on by going on. and as i'm devouring the umpteenth episod of 'building a house in the country', in which amateurs take on jobs ten times the size of our renovation, i gaze, i listen and i do realize. things get done by getting them done. graft, courage, vision. 

back in the recent day
when bathroom and kitchenette joined forces
i have never posted anything on our freshly painted bathroom, 'cept for a measerly tiny series on FB. we did however cut back its double function (bathroom/kitchenette). i scarcely mentioned that. but we do now have a bathroom that breathes a little and which leaves room to imaginaton. 

before everything started on our bathroom

to boost ourselves up further, and prolongate a pep up late night call, i'm posting this little before/after series. to reconvince myself mainly, there's a road we've been walking, 

releasing painted over duct tape alongside bathroom window
a clear line we've been following, 

a dream we've been chasing. 

half way there is just so much better than merely on the lookout for grander things. [half way, though, might be on the optimistic side.]

the stage of ripping off layers of wall paper

but i do agree with the handyman now. once you move into an unfinished home, finishing is no longer a pressing issue. 

washing up today.... still happens in bathroom. yep.

i'm convinced somewhere deep in there, zen can be found too. a totally better before/after image is going to have to wait till the mosaic gets fixed to the shower walls (haven't gotten the mosaic yet, that's my excuse).

all this to say, really, there's always room for exciting destinations, but i'm glad my bathroom has somewhat landed. thanks, cole, i find your themes interesting! on jane's corner view, hosted by francesca


  1. Oh Momma your place is amazing......Your handyman was wise!
    speaking for myself living in an unfinished place....Oh well!
    I can't wait to see more. by the way how are the neighbors?

  2. makes me feel a little better about our bathroom...sometimes I ask myself: Does it really matter that we've got a really bad 80's country cottagey totally vile bathroom? and Is my life going to be better with the bathroom of my dreams? And the answer I'm ashamed to say, is YES! Despite the fact that I know there are alot of things w-a-y more important than bathrooms! Now I sound shallow and horrible, but I still really hate our bathroom!
    I really like pic of temporary light btw and I think you should keep it. x

  3. I sensed that the handyman was right. But you'll get there!

  4. hello nadine - i've been away and back. just saying hi! love your dreamy posts and magical ramblings as always!

  5. Oh man, you've worn me out! All I can do is cheer you on... go, go ,go!

  6. I think the wall color of the bathroom (before) is very, very beautiful. A wonderful blue. And I like the light bulb and the shadow it casts.

  7. Your pictures are so beautiful that we easily forget the work that is behind… bon courage! And a nice day!

  8. Being not very handy it's good my rooms are already finsihed!

  9. A lot of philosophy in there! Congrats for the job, the patience, the wisdom and the funny spirit. Really impressive. I shared once a very small appartment with a friend and we had the shower in the kitchen... Kind of weird but good memories (students accept strange things to gain their autonomy from their parents)!
    Have a good day!

  10. I tried to start with my place, after working one week on it after work...I discovered I could I let it done...I am a disaster with no time.
    You are a lucky girl.

  11. i ahve a rented house, so if something needs to be done a ring them up! but on the other side it must be nice to see something growing slowly....very zen indeed...!

  12. Your poetics of renovation are told in a riveting Zen of meandering dreams:)) You leave room for the imagination in each frame, and at the same time you make a real space to live and love the life you are making the rooms for. My hands would be clapping if they were not typing.

  13. I love your pictures, telling a story by itself.

    We skipped the bathroom. It is brown, it is ugly, but I just close my eyes when taking a shower. After seven rooms, two hallways, a yard, a shed or two and a garage, I am done with it.

    ("Geef mijn portie maar aan Fikkie")

  14. Ha, this reminds me of one of my favourite tv-shows! It's called "Wohnen nach Wunsch" (= living at option) with a team renovating rooms as a surprise for unknowing people in only 1 day or even whole houses in just 4 days!! I'm always fascinated how fast a lot of work can be done if there are masses of skilled workers around and money is no matter! ;oD
    But don't worry, these people will never come across ZEN during their show!! Once your relaxation in your new bathroom will be even more intense when you think of each handclap you did in there!
    Keep on going, wish you a happy continuing success!! :o)

  15. nice story, like the photos too

  16. things get done by getting them done, dat zou ik op een tegeltje aan de muur moeten hebben :)
    Klus ze!

  17. What a wonderful journey through the rooms of your imagination -- and habitation! Like you say, these rooms leave lots of room to the imagination ... and they are proof of much creative imagining and dreaming! Wonderful.

  18. When we first built our house, we took out a loan for extra money to finish everything off to a certain standard, because we thought something similar would happen. I had to compromise on alot of things, but we have lived very comfortably for 15 years.
    Now I feel as if I want my bathroom renovated, it hasn't stood the test of time, and I compromised TOO much. Luckily it isn't in the kitchen and I have have another two spares. I don't think I could go through major renos like you are at my age. It would kill me!

  19. looks like it's coming along! after you finish your bath, can you come over and re-do mine?

  20. I am so impressed by your project at hand. It is brave and bold, makes me feel like a wimp for not wanting to paint our tiny bathroom. Well, you have inspired me and I'm going to try and get it done before Zach gets home from Nola. I think i can...I think i can...
    Beautiful photos by the way.

  21. Oh my God, Nadine,
    I hold you in high regard!
    x Ariane.

  22. "when bathroom and kitchenette joined forces" you make me laugh! I love and admire your patience!!

  23. Need I say it, Kers? You know I am envying your underconstruction bath! And you know that I mean it too don't you, Kers. It will be beautiful when finished but I love the bare bones!♥♥♥

  24. looks like there is progress :)