have you heard of **eye-snacks**? she is one talented embroidery lady (amongst other things i'm sure). when ingrid asked me to take a photo of my order, i just needed the word. i can only do her justice by showing off her efforts a little. i'm still loving what i chose, dear. ♥

i like to think this is "our house.
in the middle of our street.
our house, our castle and our keep"


  1. Hello n! :) Have you found a host for this weekend's drawing challenge? If not, I could be the host with the theme 'everyday life'. Just tell me and i'll post the theme immediately.

  2. love.x ps. when are we gonna see more of YOUR crafting , eh? where did those crochet squares go....

  3. Dear Nadine,
    its madness!
    Wonderful embroidery... and you know who is our host? Rachel. And the theme is: LOVE!

    Cheers, x Ariane.

  4. Hi Nadine,this is a little too much credit!
    I asked for the photograph to send me,maybe if your house was finished ..not right away :)
    Well, i'm blushing right now..
    And yes, it's from Madness hihi...your house ;)
    Thanks for the post and lots of love from me xx

  5. Oh Nadine,ik zie zelfs dat je mijn hartjes en briefpapier in je header hebt verwerkt,ongelooflijk wat een eer allemaal!

  6. Hello again! Things are under control ;) I'm glad Rachel wanted to take care of the challenge and I'll definitely join the lovely theme this Sunday! And I propose 'everyday life' for the week after LOVE. What do you say?

  7. Cute ... love a bit of stitching :)

  8. I love that embroidered house.....framed on a wall I want to live there!

  9. Wow! That embroidery is incredible!! I really should learn to stitch myself.

  10. Lucky you! I love Ingrid's work...:-)