spatulas and stilettos

nigella's and tessa's of this world, brace up! i've been to the library and i've found me a new bestest friend in the kitchen department : ravinder bhogal. what the girl does and how she does it ... i guess i better get used to high heels too, 'cos this appetizing element is called cook in boots, which does sound daring, non?

the very first recipe i put my hand on in this gastronomic walhalla consists quite simply of (stale) bread, chilli & sugar grilled courgette and mozzarella. three winners, i'm in! [if only for mozzarella replaced by a few crumbs of leftover stilton, and marinated tomatoes instead of fresh ones. it works equally well].

toss those ingredients together, add a splash of olive oil and wine (or other) vinegar, let it all soak a bit, add lettuce and basil before serving. oh. also scatter back pepper generously. thank you miss bhogal. bon appétit!


  1. non nom, that looks so very good to me, sitting here waiting for my bloke to arrive home with takeaway for dinner...hurry up already!
    I never heard of her, going to google her right now. bon apetit x

  2. going to google her too! that post makes me hungry...
    dear nadine, i see that you read alice munro, i love her!
    ♥♥♥ julia, ha today i take three, need them to handle the up coming day!

  3. Yummo! Looks delish, will try it and check out her blog too...have a fantastic weekend x

    p.s. I too like to read in the bath while sipping a glass or two...

  4. Yummmm! I'm on my way to taste ;)
    Bon appétit !

  5. mmmmmm with wine and a great movie or company!