vintage finds | togetherness

the smallest cuckoo clock ever, now sitting on our sill
there are days when air particles around you twinkle. on one such day i am well into midday before i realize i'm having one. it comes as a surprise, yet it doesn't, for the ease of any such day is always there, for the taking.

turned wooden vase, world map in back
the flea market round the corner has not been well announced, but people do find their way. the sun and the early morning makes for an interesting mix of sellers and buyers. we're all amateurs, and that feels proper.

tiny stone owl, swear, it's NOT a new addiction
i am not at all expecting what i find. nothing huge, nothing exceptional, just genuine little awesomes that make my heart jump at the silly rates they end up in my shopping bag.

wooden rhino, symbol on son's behalf,
he has a softie rhino dangling from his key ring,
to remind him not to mislay his home keys
update 01/05
son has lost his rhino and keys. again.
the fun doesn't stop at home. instead of carefully placing the treasures inside boxes, for futur reference (i've come to resent the term, yet it is so accurate), i place the items upon the table and start shooting. i shoot the morning away.

enormous tupperware jug, worn as a hat by de la fontaine fox
as i am walking through lazy town on an errand, just after lunch, i sense it. the buzz of the day. one perfect day.

n° 1 soft bunny
extra, in case son loses his rhino,
balancing in plastic napkin ring
it dazzles me so, the ordinary, that a dary thought bubbles up from within, 'when i die, i want to remember the togetherness of today'. 

sophie's today.


  1. Ah what lovely day you must have had! I love those days when you find things because you love them and the sky is blue and there doesn't seem to be any anxiety and niggling is like a mini holiday (or what I think people mean by holidays)

  2. Mmmm - I really love those shimmery kinda days. It is such a sweet feeling when you unearth such dear treasures - and then you get to relive the moment when you unpack them ... awesome!

  3. ♥ so cute... glad you are not COLLECTING OWLS, if you were you would never find any.. not collecting something always ensure you find lots♥

  4. Hello there your description of the day....
    know that feeling when you suddenly feel all is fine with the world for a time...

  5. Thanks for stopping by my place once more. Lovely to catch up. What a dear little clock. Such satisfaction in the simple unexpected finds. Have a good week. Much love Catherine

  6. The owl is divine, it seems we both have some turned wood to show. Your finds are fabulous.

  7. my daughter used to think those pretty little fluttering dust particles were fairies...

    I like all of your newest treasures and I love your fish dish atop x

  8. Oh I just love those twinkly kind of days ... this is a beautiful post, and I loved reading about all your treasures.

    I love that little owl.

  9. Oh yes those days they come so unexpectedly what makes them even more perfect. Love the small cuckoo clock and the fox photo, xx

  10. Oh my I've had many of those lovely sort of days! They always hit me unexpected too! I love the cuckoo clock and have a special fondness for the picture with the Rhino and plate in it. I love how he appears to be walking around the plate. Some great photography woolf!

  11. Maybe you should start a collection?! That owl is fabulous. Mr. Fantastic Fox's hat is very chic!

  12. sounds like a wonderful day. i love your cuckoo clock. i've always wanted one like that but they always seen to me incredibly expensive AND broken.

  13. "there are days when air particles around you twinkle"

    yes, i've felt this before, too (and i love that little stone owl)

  14. What a lovely post. Reading it made the particles around me start twinkling too :0)

  15. Such sweet little finds! Love the tupperware hat ;)

  16. LOVE the cuckoo clock that that adorable tiny owl! What treasures.....

  17. I laugh about your update, dear Nadine...I have a son loosing things.
    The cockoo clock is very pretty and I like the wooden vase.
    See you with 'lamb' next weekend?
    x Ariane.

  18. Sounds like perfect moments... :)
    Un beso!

  19. Sweet finds - like the little owl and the vase!

  20. Awww, Kers♥ I love this post. It is so you...I love the little tid bits you play with to make a story and an interesting photo!♥

  21. Oh, these really are little awesomes! I can truly relate to those little heart jumping moments ( and am so glad that it's May and I'm letting myself experience that again!)

  22. that little owl is a find. so cute :)