drawing | swim

drawing challenge | swim
night swimming, for instance. would you believe i have never ever done that? elated, i can admit there's at least one thing in my life i have never ever done. which turns it into a first, for when i will, one fine day. 
i've cranked up the theme, to a stylistical display of midnight blue sea waves {for the sole purpose of that night swimming still to happen}. this week's theme by enthusiast racheltoday, we do make the grade for synchro swimming, don't we? ☻


  1. “Life is like a tasting plate. You have to try everything...at least once.”
    ― Robin Schwarz, Night Swimming

    those shades are almost edible

  2. we do! i'm swimming here from wave to wave; ripples and splashes and reflections of stars and moon and then i look at the whole and see it is realy beautiful,

    i did play the google doodle and had a giggle too,enjoy the sunny weekend, xx

  3. I never saw such beautiful waves! I love midnight blue.
    many years ago I was swimming in a lake in finland at midnight. sun and moon were both in the sky. It was a great experience!

  4. I have never done it either Momma......love your drawing...a sea of waves!
    Happy Weekend!

  5. Blue waves are call you......I hope you get to experience it.
    Night swimming, floating on my back, looking up at the stars, I fell in love with the sky again.

  6. night swimming, hmmm...., never done that
    maybe I should, some day
    on midnight blue sea waves
    like yours
    I like them
    your drawing would make a fine fabric

    Patrice A.

  7. night swimming............is great a little scary but that just makes it better. It was so hot one night I took my pillow down to the beach at the end of my street and slept with my body in the shallow water and my head on the pillow on the sand it was the best sleep I ever had a watery doona! when I woke up there were others doing the same along dotted along the beach.

    This would make a fine poster Miss Woolf I love the structure and variation of texture and shades of blue. Very nice artwork indeed.

    Have a great weekend Helen x

  8. A beautiful set of midnight swimming blues, Woolfie - I highly recommend night swimming; very romantic! -sus

  9. Splish splash, dearest Nadeschda!
    Nightswimming is dangerous, the senses are fine tuned on everything what happens. Every single wave a sensation. So, some fine day when you will rise into the flood, please, take a quiet one. Like your wonderful, mysterious drawing. Wonderful.


  10. Night swimming is the best!

    Love your work dear Nadine - it makes me smile : )

  11. Night swimming in the ocean is great - but night diving is just incredible - please set that on your list too! The first time I did I scared myself to death, but the second time I loved it, it was like flying in outer space - wonderful and unusual!
    Like your work some of them are like sparkling light on water.
    xo Barbara
    Have a nice and floating sunday

  12. love the waves. We have often swam at night in hotel pools, but I once swam in the ocean in Hawaii with a group of friends at night. Probably not the most responsible thing to do, but then I was 17. Have a great week!

  13. love the blues (my fave color.) but no night swimming here, for me (sharks!!!)

  14. Makes me want to dive in :-) nice graphic interpretation!

  15. beautiful waves! I once swam in the sea at night, but it was a scary experience: the water was totally black, and swallowed everything.

  16. Night swimming is a favourite of mine.
    If you are not offended by the idea, I can see your pattern of waves on a huge blanket. Imagine diving into that every evening!

  17. wonderful blues ... never tried midnight swimming either. not sure i would like to try though.

  18. Nadine I see these waves as a strong graphic translated into a print fabric. Maybe a swath hung somewhere in an exotic home near the shore. I love the repetition of the 'idea' of this piece of art. Wonderful!!! Talk soon, Norma, xo