drawing | habit

over the past few years, a gigantic habit has taken possession of me. it happens almost every weekend, involves drawing and includes many others. never before have i been this punctual nor disciplined about a recurring task. it's obvious i like it!

drawing challenge 17-18/11/2012 - habit

were you aware that the brittle star has a habit of breaking off arms, as a means of defense? i wasn't and i find that unnerving. imagine us breaking off an arm when under threat? would it soon leave us in limbo? would it preclude our beloved drawing challenges? ☻
kristen asked us about those. 
not arms. 


  1. ok, aha, I see. (Or not, I have to translate...)
    I love that kind of drawing, very charming with the stamp and the letters, the colors, too.
    It is a crazy thing to imagine.
    And it makes me think of my son who broke his two arms 4 weeks ago. I hope that won´t never become a habit.
    x Stefanie

    1. ha ha ha.. i'm sorry, i had to snigger.
      stefanie! the allusion.
      i hope your son is fine though.
      i'll come find you, later. x

  2. Sometimes stress does that.....I love how detailed your drawing are!

  3. Oh, I totally love that habit! My only sorrow is that I missed lots of them these past months. And of course I admire your drawing. I always do. You're a person filled with surprises :)


  4. Skinks have the same mechanism they drop their tails when they feel threatened then regrow them back.

    If I lost my arms I would stab out posts and comments with a pencil in my mouth. I too just cannot stop this habit and rely heavily on my arms and my mouth I need that for the other habit drinking coffee! Or type with my toes.....

    I really love the drawing and I am always compelled to follow the links to the other parts of the story......your posts are always journey Nadine that postage stamphas more significance than you think :)

    Have a great weekend

    Helen x

  5. What a strange habit to throw arms away! And imagine all those arms lying around in offices, schools, on the street or wherever people feel threatened or stressed...unpleasant! Hope, I'll never get in a situation where I'd have to do such weird things! And, well, speaking of weird...how the hell did this brittle star come into your mind when habit was mentioned?? ;o))
    Helen got the point: always a journey, your posts!
    Happy weekend!

  6. I have always wondered about starfish and their ability to do that - what a strange defense...I wonder if many of our habits are a defense to stress...nervous energy.
    I have to laugh at Tania's reply! The image of limbs flying around is gruesome! and funny!

    But I most like your habit of drawing- and it shows that you like it!! :)

  7. Oh such a beautiful creation. But I must admit that starfish have creeped me out for many a year. There's something very other-worldly about their construction and that limb-dropping ability. Incredible and yet spooky.


  8. I think if we lost our arms, we might draw with our toes to keep participating in the drawing challenge! Your brittle star is quite a character. xxoo, sus

  9. Oh, dearest Nadeschda,
    I love that habit of dc, too! never have I been this disciplined about a recurring task before, not even during studying! Now I havn't missed a single... unbelievable 83!
    And would I have dropped my arms away I'd do the dc by feet... or mouth, nose, lashes :)

    Love your brittle star... its a typical Nadeschda! Great!

    Yes, we should meet up.
    x Ariane.

  10. It is a wonderful habit indeed and so is your drawing (and the fact of breaking an arm or two when in danger...)

    love xoxoxo

  11. unlike other living creatures who can lose and grow again multiple limbs and arms, we are more "limited". not sure what it means, other than we can be who we are disregarding our limbs.

  12. Nadine, this made me laugh. It's so fun. It is a pleasure and a joy for me to be in your company, along with the 'others' playing here. This group challenges me for sure. I like your drawing a lot! Hugs, Norma, x

  13. yes, your posts are consistently a journey - sometimes I don't understand your words (my lousy english and the google translator...), but always I love your paintings and looking forward to them every week. and I love the dc too! :-) mano

  14. oh no not losing an arm please, an illusion, ok, but i want to keep my hands,xx

  15. the dc!
    we all have that habit
    Iand I love it!

    don't loose an arm
    or break a leg



  16. mmmm, i love this one. but i'll keep both my arms, if you please...

  17. What a great habit! I love your drawings, and how they are so truly you and organic.
    Maybe you will inspire me to get back to drawing more and your forms remind me of snakes,
    and that next year (coming soon) is the year of the snake!
    What is your animal zodiac by the way?