the paris series {parts III, IV, V, VI}

PARIS VI - GRAFFITI & CO - paris just as much as any other place on earth falls prone to scribblings, tiny and much larger graffiti, billboards and posters, to name but a few. i always fall instantly in love with mosaics, standing testimony to early advertising. PARIS VI - GRAFFITI & CO. 

PARIS V - DESIGN INSPIRATION - i hadn't expected to hang out in paris musems the way that i did. it was so hot outside, i figured a museum would offer cool air, which it usually did. in the east wing of the louvre (which i've yet to discover, would you believe it?) sits the musée arts décoratifs, in which the design brothers bouroullec {until september 1st} hold a kind of a résumé exhibition. i was enthralled, especially also by the fact they draw. like a lot. if i say, a lot. i mean non stop. they are drawing challengers! ☻ PARIS V - DESIGN INSPIRATION.

PARIS IV - "SHOP FRONTS & PRIVATE DOORS" it's been raining all day yesterday. and night. it's been windy. with it i could smell early fall. i've opened the door wide to fall. for fun. perhaps in doing so, you see chance to slip through a few doors yourself in PARIS IV - SHOP FRONTS & PRIVATE DOORS. who knows what you will find, besides autumn.

WOOLFENALIA PARIS III - "GALERIES ET PASSAGES" - kylie lovingly calls it woolfenalia. i couldn't agree more. imagine a lovely lady 'down under', who comes across another {red caped} lady and saves it for and sends it to another one up north, who la-di-da-LOVES wolf & red riding hood. where the wolf theme comes from is a long story that some already know about. push the about button to your right, and all will be revealed {again}. aw. would you just look at red riding hood? she's celestial, ain't she? thank you, kylie! 
please find below aforementioned paris series.


  1. ooooh I love this! they are wonderful! and the wolf...hihi!

  2. nice to see Paris from your "eyes"!


  3. hello darling! i had so much fun catching up with your blog. i so love your eye! hope you are having a great summer.
    big hugs my dear!

  4. p.s. i thought i was already following you... :)

  5. Schnüff!
    Hugs and kisses, dear Nadeschda!

    Ariane... Rose

  6. WEEEEEEEEEEEE enjoying these!

  7. "la maison rose," and paris in the rain... sigh. (reminds me of audrey hepburn, in sabrina... the smell of paris and chestnut trees in the rain. is that a real scent? i've always wondered...)

  8. Thanks so much for sharing all your wonderful photos. I've had a great time visiting Paris this morning.