this weather

ever tried posting from a pad? don't. ever. meanwhile, the hood.


  1. i tried posting from my phone, only to find (hours later) that i couldn't upload photos!
    have fun in london, i imagine it will be a "rejuvenating" trip for you!

  2. Hey, Woolfie dear - the red booths are stunning.
    nope, never posted from a pad, but thanks for the warning, as I toy with the idea of purchasing same... caution sounds like!
    Happy Easter in a few -sus

  3. The colors and stillness of this photo just bring out all sorts of nostalgic feelings in me.

  4. No pad posting here, Woolfie girl. The photo is great. Red booth on left is for the telephone. What is the red booth on the right for? Hope you're having fun. xo Carole

  5. A pad is not a laptop right? I did only a facebook upload with the pad and from home, so never from afar...
    But your photo looks like a typically woolfy pic and I hope that you're having a great time in GB!
    Sorry for me beeing so lousy in replaing, I'm still not quite adapted to my unmobility.
    Big hugs
    barbara bee