drawing | nest

in the past week i considered nests and how this word for bird's homes carries different meanings. my mind and vision raced, from classics and the mindful weighing of soft toned {imaginary} eggs to considering dollops of mistletoe crowded in tree crowns, offering a bird's nest silhouette from the ground up. in the end the image which spoke to me predominantly was the feeling of loss, the point on which emotions tangle up and nest in noxious liaisons. reinforced by heedful nightly hours on the internet i give you the memory of a branch, with the promise of december inside. rose's nesting theme, this weekend. river update.


  1. i love this! I keep seeing these drawing challenge posts too late! Would love to join in! Where oh where do i find the prompts beforehand and could i join in please? xxxxxxxxxx

  2. cool! and the green, springtime, a good time to leave our nests
    I always enjoy your overall concept!
    x Stefanie

  3. It's beautiful Woolfy. Just beautiful.
    I will be in touch properly soon x

  4. now I ll always think of nest as a sad word.

    your illustration captured my attention at once. love the rythme and colour of your branch.
    ..and what you did with that photo :)

  5. Love this stitching thread you've drawn...a beginning to a nest- the materials :) and yes it is sad because all nests are abandoned eventually- once empty- so much effort and then discarded- a metaphor to our own lives- and yet there is renewal there too!
    Hope you have a good weekend :)

  6. "emotions tangle up and nest in noxious liaisons"
    so true! well said
    interesting thoughts for nest
    enjoying considering anew, through you

  7. I love your delicate drawing and thoughts, dear Nadeschda. Yah, some nests aren't nests but mistletoes...

    Thank you, Dear!
    xo Ariane.

  8. I love your promise of December inside. It is a bit of a way ahead now, but I look forward to the promise herein! Love this art idea, friend! N, xo

  9. Nice how you've used another perspective.

  10. Thinking of nest as a tangle of emotions - an obsession, even, is a twist I had not considered, Nadine. but i can feel the tangle that loss brings to my heart, like a dark little nest i can't find my way out.
    peace be with you in the week ahead, dear N.

  11. ik noem ons huis, ons thuis, ons nest
    het nest verfraaien is wat ik graag doe
    maar het woord nest heeft ook iets verdrietigs
    wat ik maar al te vaak voel
    hmmm.... je brengt me aan het denken

    en tot snel!!!