drawing | water

beyond this house lies a shallow creek. over its bed runs clear water. ducks sometimes fly in and over the water. its bank keeps winter sheep at bay. even when you don't see the water, you can hear it, in the back of the house's garden. patrice's drawing challenge of water this weekend. can i just say, i deeply appreciate your marks of empathy. they learn me, time and again, each and every one of us, at intervals, sails troubled waters. i do am infinitely grateful for your sensibilities. i carry thee, in my ♥


  1. ;^))

    i know this house!
    and am looking forward do see you
    and hear the greek while sitting in the back garden

    troubled waters
    will be flat again


  2. carrying you in mine too Woolfy x

  3. so nice, your house makes me smile!
    I am listening....
    x Stefanie

  4. It´s nice how you evoke the sound of running water behind the house.
    Inspiring daily projects!

  5. such a wonderful drawing and love picturing the creek flowing behind it ~
    sweet weekend to you ~

  6. I can almost hear it! I always wanted to live in a situation such as that, but just now, with the ocean roaring away, maybe I would also need soundproof windows. Big hugs and much love and peace to you to get over life's hurdles. :)

  7. Actually, I "walked" in your description of what's beyond the house, and I could see that. Liked it!
    Which means, reepstraat? (sorry for not knowing)

  8. Aaah, as someone who has been there I can clearly recognize your house! And you're right sometimes we travel through rough waters and we must learn to swim and more often be able to let go and just let it flow...
    Love + hugs!

  9. Love your words and drawings. This type of water can bring us peace even in troubled water times - I hope the storm is passing, or at least becoming manageable.

  10. your illustrations dear, my dearest Nadine, are so you (for me)
    I love them

    sending you sunny thoughts from an early norwegian spring

    1. I like your house - I wish I could visit your garden and listen to the creek.

  11. wow... I love this... you describe it so well, just looking at the drawing, see the house and I just can hear the water. And at the same time I just really, really want to look behind it and see the water! love your approach f this theme dear Nadine!

  12. Wishing you smooth sailing this week, dear Nadine, and that the sound of water running in the distance behind this little house with its wolf-mark door, bring you peace.
    xxoo, sus

  13. Both the words and image are unique, delicate and beautiful, thank you, xo Leena

  14. such a beautyful woolfie-house! the creek is whispering ♥!

  15. Tender words and so cool to "see" your home ! I love imagining what is behind your house from reading your post- and oh SHEEP! do damn perfect for a wolf ;) no...

  16. PS that green house is pretty smart looking too :)

  17. You brims my heart, dear Nadeschda. Like the slowly coming flood, the tizzy comes up looking at the streets name, looking at your link back (fillips! ha!) find a photo... and go crazy!! Can hear the sound of water... sounds like the Eisenbach with the ducks :-)
    Sometimes is the water
    heart heavy like a stone
    water calm
    makes it soft

    Maybe you are in for the next weekend's dc? It is NEST

    Ariane xo

  18. coucou! i left you a note at FB. xo

  19. Nice drawings and the text is an atmosphere.

  20. I want to see beyond this house. Beyond, we all get beyond.