drawing | vase

i like flowers as they bud, and i like them as they wilt. 
they sculpturize, if you catch my drift. 
{naturally i also like them when they're in full bloom!}
as it is, i offer you wilted flowers anyway, .....
..... or empty vases even. and those vases are a figment of my imagination, because in reality on vineyard street there're just two meagre eagles atop monumental pilasters, so i needed to dream up a couple of ornamental urns. and the colour pink; rose as pink as rose's pretty vases this weekend.


  1. You are cranking with your project Nadine! I am especially in love with Feb 27...

    And like you I love the many stages of flower viewing from beginning to end they are amazing no doubt!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend :)

  2. I do catch your drift Woolfy. I like 'em that way too. x

  3. Pink vases on a gate to greet the passerby! I would stop and take photos of it's loveliness, Nadine. With the snow falling I'll dream of you vases tonight. Pleasant dreams to you my friend. xo Carole

  4. there is something so wonderful about your house drawings
    make a booklet_ please

  5. Very nice pictures of your flowers, a bit dark, I like that! And I love your street project, I really like your drawings, they are such nice illustrations! I'm just looking at some illustrations of people who had to draw their street and yours would just perfect fit in this book, you have a great style!

  6. Your drift is a very poetic one what I really like as I would love to stumble over pinc vases unexpected somewhere on a walk. I just flipped through your project so far and as I told you already: shit I love it! Your illustrations are unique, special and great! I agree booklet and postcards!
    Go girl go, with your renovation also!
    Hugs + love
    barbara bee

  7. hoi!
    ik loop wat achter
    met alles ;^))
    net als jij hou ik van bloemen in de knop en in verval
    vaak vind ik ze daar tussenin wat saai
    de knop een belofte, het verval zo prachtig perkament
    met van die vervaagde kleuren

    ik geniet van je tekeningen
    dat zou ik meer moeten doen
    mijn favoriet op dit moment
    februari 27

    gisteren had ik verzonnen dat ik graag een schuur zou ombouwen tot woning
    en dan zoveel mogelijk zelf doen, het deed me denken aan jou
    dag, tot snel!

  8. your pink urns would look splendid, in summer i imagine they turn into waterfalls of flowers, in winter they are pink stars against grey skies.
    wijngaardstraat, yes i can see that gate.

    full bloom or fading away, always eye catching, xx

  9. I catch your drift, dearest Nadeschda, sure!
    Love your pink urns atop pilaster... thank you :-)
    Are there lime or willow trees in the background. Will I see them green?

    xo Ariane.