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sometimes in order to connect we must abort. i've been watching MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA, off and on, expecting my son to walk into the room. but he will not. he's done a stupid, stupid thing, and he will pay for it. is paying for it now. why this movie? because i needed distraction and disconnection from familiarity, so i can pick up again. why share this? because i wish not to lie nor pretend. 
{also, i have no drawing at the ready.☻} kristen's challenge of connections here


  1. I love the 'strangeness' of that film and book too.
    It's a fantastical distraction - despite it's sadness.
    Sons sometimes do do stupid things. And even though they pay for it - us mums do too.
    (sending you warm hugs)

  2. I think you are an honest person, that is why I love your blog so much. I try to do the same thing, not to pretend and show something pretty if I don't feel that way. I think the internet is already full with that kind of things. In the beginning I was scared that people didn't want to hear or see that but it turned out that I mostly get more reactions on these post. People can relate. I think honesty is the best way. The picture is beautiful and I wish you the best for this weekend. It will all be fine dear Nadine!

  3. That is a honest and nice post, I love your sense of humour and clever ideas, Leena

  4. ach liefie, dat klinkt niet fijn, maar je hebt gelijk
    soms moet je iets stoppen alvorens het verbonden kan worden
    en zonen doen regelmatig stomme dingen
    en ik heb er twee ;^))

    je foto vind ik prachtig
    de linker dansend in een eigen wereld
    de ander probeert verbinding te maken
    wees maar heerlijk eerlijk
    dat maakt je mooi


  5. distractions are good sometimes
    giving us time to feel and consider
    i hope the connections between you and your son grow in a way that feels good to the two of you
    and that he learns and grows from what ever has happened

  6. Nadine, dear friend. I hope it works itself out for both you and that son of yours! I can hear your frustration and grief. There's nothing wrong with a little distraction and the Memoirs of a Geisha is a perfect choice. Big mother to mother hugs to you from across the sea. Take care. xoxo Carole

  7. Dearest Nadeschda,
    often I need separation, and that without my kids are doing stupid things...
    I'd like to watch this movie with you. Your photo of the ceramics is splendid (Patrice describes it very well)

    I am with Norma: send you big mother to mother hugs to you!
    xo Ariane.

  8. Boys! Tell me about it. Mine is 33 and believe me when I say it doesn't get any better, it just gets "more". Hope life settles down and in the meantime, those beautiful art deco dolls are a wonderful distraction. Love them and love the photo.
    Big hugs

  9. connect, well it is not always easy to connect....sometimes it needs difficult roads / mountains / wild rivers to go to an other side....
    warm hugs -susanna-

  10. Wow Nadine- I think your reaction to disconnect is probably the best for the moment- often in frustrating situations when there is really nothing we can do right then it's best to let go- for a bit...let things play out and settle before going forward. I hope there is redemption somewhere in your near future or at least a big learning curve?! Children have us so tightly wound- the heart strings you know, but they have their own stories to live too- the good parts and the bad- we suffer along with them.
    Your photo is very lighthearted- high contrast to your words- keep your heart light the world is heavy enough no-
    big hug!

  11. oh dear, sorry to hear this news. have been meaning to get in touch. my p.p. hotmail account has been hacked and i haven't replaced it yet. if you need to get in touch, try FB? xoxo

  12. Those pesky family connections. . . they are the ones that give us the most pleasure, and the most grief it seems. Here's wishing for happier connections soon.

  13. sorry Nadine ... nothing hurts more than our offsprings doing stupid things ...
    sending warm hugs.

  14. the `drawing` is intriguing…I never saw that movie but maybe ought to, to be able to talk to you about it…best wishes with your son…Wish I could say something more consoling, I can feel the depth through your words and image…healing thoughts are with you and LOVE

  15. Missed this one Woolfy. Catching up and now I'm worried...What has that boyo of yours done? Is this the straw that's (finally) broken the 'camel's' back? My minds racing. I hope you're ok and that he his too. Lots of people have left far more eloquent comments than this one, but I'm thinking of you Woolfy. Please send me a quick note when you can just to let me know you're alright x