drawing | fish

pure bliss! these beaming september days: a family day's outing near antwerp. a fun cards game at sunset. sounds of a weekend brocante weaving its way through my studio window. a guided sunday walk through a neighbouring borough. a washing up in the sink that won't wash itself. a long hot soak in the bath while a good book in my hand lingers. {it may even slip in the soapy water...}

i did have fish on friday, incidentally. i rolled marinated salmon (fish sauce, lemon juice and black pepper corns) into rice, into nori, and had a lean feast. and i didn't take any pictures either. so the genius's gonna have to stay inside the fish bowl, as tinyWOOLF makes another exit. this is a drawing i was working on at the beginning of the week, it didn't exactly go anywhere. 't was more like an idea, floating. fish all weekend long, over at herzfrisch. & river update.


  1. good idea, I would say!
    nice sunday to you x Stefanie

  2. I love you "chameleonic" fish! Fish with five flavors. -eric

  3. oh what a fish feast you had <3

    i like the drawing although it did not go anywhere (your words) - why should it?

    it just came to me that
    *gone fishing*
    is the best sign to put on ones door when gone. anywhere

    love from norway

  4. Ha, so you took your rest in bubbles, respect!!!! You had a great time. Well that's what i think, reading about your week. And the drawing, she's going away, also takes the day off. What more can you wish.

  5. Hello! Thanks for the source of the Drawing Challenge. That's great, right? If such a project all by itself continues. I try again to be there in any case.

  6. Hi Nadine, your fish is my favorite this dc, absolutely fab - gosh I love it!
    Also pattern woolfy looks nice - the head is it a stamp? What brand, I'm looking for something like that
    since ages.
    And it seems, that you having a blast lately which ist good.
    Sorry for my delay in answering, was sick at the weekend and needed to use the good weather yesterday for the garden, its coming - promised!
    hugs bb

  7. So delicious...sushi! It doesn't surprise me that your artistic hands can roll a fish into rice and nori. I find it challenging :)

  8. you're becoming so good with photoshop (and cooking fish :))!