corner view ≈ contrast

the biggest contrast has been to carefully write and stick to a workable {to do} list. my garden was top priority last week. besides keeping an even pace in house renovations, i want to take illustration seriously. stating this goal makes me go weak at my knees. sitting down to it and taking drawing seriously is the starkest contrast ever to my usual laid back attitude. 

yes, it has been labour weeks out in the garden and for once i truly, madly, deeply enjoyed every minute of digging, pulling, transferring and watering. in fact, i could hardly wait to get back in and hollow more, after every interval. as i moon over those efforts this morning, i lumber upon metaphor.

i've not before felt the green thumb as such, maybe because i didn't let myself. the analogy sits in the exact process of digging : when i draw, all is fine, until i hit the hard rock of moving upwards. i enjoy all directions, and upwards is a bummer. is it? like hell it is. but i now wonder, if i can conquer the earth (of my garden), can i step up upon the ladder of prospect (of drawing) and lose the snakes indeed?

supposedly kicking off on a cartoon course next week, i got word the course will be postponed till the january. feeling deflated a bit, what else does it mean? can i do something to tie/tide me over, keep me going, keep the home fires burning while they're lit? i think i'm going to need you all, dear readers, on my path of unearthing. 

thoughts such as these because my river project is moving towards its last quarter, and i feel a little apprehensive. embracing the very thought of a new, functional project for 2015. not quite revealing my intentions yet, i think and hope the view will be an exciting one. i'd love to meet up with y'all, from time to time. jane's corner view, francesca's hosting. ☺


  1. sweetie!
    je klinkt enigszins melancholisch
    misschien het weer, de tijd van het jaar
    en zo'n cursus lijkt me helemaal iets voor jou
    voor je het weet is het januari
    hebben de champagne glazen alweer geklonken

  2. Does that mean that since I've conquered gardening, I will be a good drawer? I plan to start painting and drawing again when I retire in May. It will have been 21 years. Yikes!
    If you want to see southeastern Ohio at its autumn glory finest (previous years' photos), check out my latest post.
    Is that a shamrock plant I see peeking out in the photo? I have two and love them!
    I will check back regularly and cheer you on!

  3. summer activities and joys
    love that old rusty tractor, love certain old things, worn things, things with stories of life

    a new project, makes me smile
    and curious
    too bad about your cartoon course, that happened to me once...

  4. New projects, gardens, showers almost complete..... isn't life grand!!!
    xo Carole

  5. Hello, Nadine! I don’t have a green thumb, but anyway I somewhat like to work in the garden, dealing with mud, dirt, and seeing insects. I lost words to see your river having flowed constantly since January. What a project! I take my hat off to your passion, energy, creativeness, and persistence. All the works in the flow of river is so fascinating – lovely images and colors - and I wonder which mansion I’d like to live; you gave me such a pleasant imagination. Remember here is one person rooting for you from Japan.


  6. Hi Nadine, what a stunning truck! Seems that you're incredible busy with your shower and now even with gardening! Lets see what you'll plant there - I'm curious. The next time I'll visit you your house and garden will be totally different - exciting!
    xo barbara bee

  7. Hello,Nadine, Wow wow and wow You wanted to surprise me again? You took the photo of that stunning and expressive truck very well with its composition and the rust.I hope the engine of the truck really work for you. It is interesting to imagine cloud of smoke sending up from that rusty chimney! Your pub sign is beautiful in the gray color and its design.
    Have a good week and take a rest at times!

  8. Really beautiful drawing...I dream with a garden

  9. I do not have a green thumb. The best fit cactus to me. :)

  10. Oh I have garden envy. I love your rustic garden shed and space, looks so comfy.

  11. i don't think of a garden as unearthing itself, rather as coming to life and light - as I'm sure your project will :)

  12. I too am jealous of your garden. I have tried to have one, but the deer and rabbits keep eating anything I plant. I have given up.

  13. Love the old tractor contraption. It will go well with some of 'my' barns! I too will have a hard time being disciplined about drawing when that time comes. :>)

  14. i adore your little garden. ❤