hurried, though 2016 here to stay

i think so. 2016 is here to stay. i felt it this morning, as i waded my way through grass and fens. 

and when i did approach the castle, i found it to be empty. now, why would a castle be empty.

change upon us. perhaps more clarity than one can bear. in january. 

to you all. to 2016. i love you. ha. yeah. i do. 3 times ♥


  1. I wish you a year full of beauty, joy, surprises and love :)

  2. First I have thought, there where regendruppel in the heester, dearest Nadeschda, but there are berries of the snowberry. I love that. And that rose... no words, just aww. Your hearts make me smile. Wonderful found and photographed. Well, from time to time it is really necessary to go out for a good stroll, right? I wanna do that more often this year. And maybe you'll show me that place in Summer?
    What about your houses?

    Kusje, 3 times
    Ariane. Rose.

  3. change. yeah. i put that as a header upon my 2016. promise! and changed my blog a little for the start. a restart. sending best wishes from paris, dear! from heart to heart.

  4. empty castle...., now that must be a sight. your photos look so lovely.
    Best wishes for 2016 - much love, happiness and peace.

    with warm hugs...

  5. happy New Year to you too!
    An empty castle, is it really empty?
    Is a castle ever empty?

  6. welcome to the new year! i caught up on your other recent posts. LOVE that tintin pic! oh, sounds like you've had a good old ruminating holiday and a bit of a rest. you've had a busy year. for everything there is a season.......

  7. Love how the leaf looks like a heart! Wishing you a fabulous 2016!

  8. Can it be that I haven't wished you a happy 2016 already?!

  9. love you in every perspective.