on comments

· do you find you {heart} an instagram image, next like it on facebook to then send the author a comment on a probable blogpost? it's silly in a way, isn't it? i think i want to send the message out into the universe, that perhaps blog comments as such are over. to me anyway. 

while i still very much enjoy blogging, i find the necessity of comments increasingly contingent. let me explain. we live in a speedy world in which online supportive communities thrive. i am in awe over the kind and relevant comments that came my way over the years. 

and comments have always supported me and my creative endeauvours. sometimes they urged me on, they meant a pat on the shoulder if needed be and occasionally even made me roar with laughter. i have always appreciated so your heartfelt contributions. 

but i feel i'm growing up and perhaps growing out of the habit of expecting comments. i write blogposts because they keep the writer in me on my toes, because posts enable me to share images and more and more, drawings. i like to share, and i need you in that, reader. 

but at the same time, and do not get me wrong, i would like to discharge you of the task of leaving a comment. you want to say hi, goodbye or leave feedback? feel very welcome through facebook or instagram. those platforms will always announce my blogposts. 

· in essence i'm not sacking you from reading at all, please stay tuned, because i have plans to share more and more of my drawing process. i am gently releasing you from a wordy task which might be more relevant in real life. you know? 
i'll keep on blogging, i'll keep on visiting your blogs, i'll keep on reading, i need inspiration after all. and i will close down my comments section, though you can track me down on aforementioned media. in fact i'll be looking forward to conversing with you's there. 
oh, i'm excited about the future. who knows what it'll bring.
{images throughout this post from a tiny folded booklet. work in progress.} 

guess what? i can't live without comments... yes! you can call me silly. ♥


  1. blogging has changed and there are so many different ways that are available for social media sharing. and people want 'fast'.
    But I like blogging and I personally think it's a better way to share, learn and write and write. Insta and FB are always just snapshots - and sometimes we don't get the full picture. As for blogging you get a real sense of the author. I'm guilty of not visiting and commenting and I should be better at that. We bloggers gotta stick together and keep on inspiring and encouraging each other.

    It's only natural for us to want comments because they do inspire and make us feel good and if that gets us to keep on writing and sharing - then we should .
    so keep at it and I'll keep on coming and visiting......hugs

  2. cool, we can comment again. I was missing this.

  3. I am so with you, dear Nadine, Nadeschda, tiny woolf!
    Myself lag behind to leave a comment here at your wonderful blogSPACE, on the AC, or IG and FB.
    I want more discipline in that, to show more respect for us blogartists, for me and my artwork. So happy that we have found us, /before/ FB and IG, in blogland. Without our comments here, I'm afraid, without the trusty voice between the lines on and on, I wouldn't have visited you and slept in your house. So, for me it's the comment part that I miss very much. The deeper comments, you know? You know.
    Love, Ariane XXX

  4. I feel your dilemma, Nadine. It's difficult to keep up with all the social media, and I can empathize with wanting to shut down the comments on your blog. On the other hand, I like blogging because it enables deeper connections with people, and because I often put a considerable amount of work into my blog posts, and I'm curious to know what people think about them. I have resolved to focus more on blogging, because through experience I now have more to say/share, and because I want to read about and see what my friends are doing, in depth. And I really do consider all of you friends, even if we have never met physically. So that's my two cents worth, or maybe three, since I've blah-blah-blahed on for so long. By the way, I'm quite enamored with your accordion book; love that color and how you've carried the circle motif throughout the pages while changing it as you go along. And I'm wondering, are the circles hand-carved stamps? xoxo