warming up

· as i'm doing no courses of pertinence this fall, i've been brewing upon a new recurrent project, besides the houses work and the tiny booklet foldingletting myself be inspired by the everyday, i feel like drawing and painting random subjects.

just last week i got into a strop with myself about social media
for some reason as yet unknown to me i'd like to draw maps too. itineraries to take you from one spot to the next. i'll be sharing here, on facebook and IG. in doing so i hope to be prompted to show up and practice drawing and painting. we'll see how that goes. ☺


  1. Warming up is a sensible thing to do. Drawing maps, finding your way...
    We could all use a good map from time to time. But getting where you wan tot be is not always as easy as simply reading and following a map.

  2. I really like! Have a fantastic weekend! You ask where in Germany. I think we will be living in Wiesbaden. We should know more next week when my husband meets with the director of the business school, but I am really hoping it all works out.