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seaside, at the beach. blankenberge (work related)
building a proper website still being a far stretch, i've decided to stick to my blog as a pivotal instrument in my digital communication explorations. new link buttons (do try them!) have changed the blog format slightly.

seaside, at the beach. blankenberge (work related)
i've been looking into becoming more visible on the net and i enjoy the online drawing community more and more. working on a daily project allows me to grow, besides feeling well chuffed and grateful about the attention. 

seaside, at the beach. blankenberge (work related)
i am still aiming to return to blogging and show more work methods and project stages. it might put back the pizzazz into photography as well, which seems to have fallen slightly out of grace.

going to paris without seeing paris. meeting friends though
doing just one thing at a time however, allows for a certain ease and steadfastness to settle in, which makes me very happy indeed. rose's weekend treat ♥ here ♥enjoy the week ahead, everyone, and hope to find you soon. ♥


  1. Lovely new re-vamp of the ol' blog Nadine. It's a lot of work, isn't it? I keep thinking about it and then working on something completely different that my blog and my art career. What are we like? Well, you're better than I am because look at the fabulous button links. One thing I would suggest though is to have the links open in a new page. I found that if people get directed out of my website they rarely click back, but if a new page opens and the original page is still up, they do come back and explore more. Miss you and our AC but I've been down with Pneumonia and bronchitis and am just starting to feel like I don't want to die! One more week and I should be as healthy as a horse. Big hugs. :D

  2. Well filled, your 'daily', Nadine!
    I admire your sticking on your drawings (it's a true drawing challenge, hee, right?) every single day! How do you do that?!
    I love that dynamic way to look at your wonderful drawings, really modern.

    Often I think about a re-design of my blog (it looks granny-like and I want it fresh, unique and recognizable... and those button links, mmmh, delicious!)

    So thank you for your daily (and your dailies) and the inspiration for a re-design.
    Hope to find you and me with our friends in communication via our blogs in a deeper way (as in former days).
    Ariane. Rose
    PS: Thank you for your sweet words on my blog, Hon.

  3. I love that second imagine, it reminds me of honey comb. Also makes me wonder how it came to be.

    It was different when i came to visit again, easily being able to comment. yay.

    Nice to enjoy your daily glimpses of life.

  4. Hello. Thank you for your words im My Blog. It is good to be able to Take a Break. To allow yourself to do nothing at all. All the Best. Lucia

  5. Nice seaside impressions. Daily? :) eric

  6. Wonderful seaside impressions. I miss it.
    I love to see your daily drawings on instagram.
    Specially the "compliment" made my day today.
    ♥ Sabine

  7. Geez, for a second I thought the first picture shows false teeths. I am laughing out loud here. One thing at a time is perfect, otherwhise we will overload and nothing is done in the end! xo Annton

  8. I love the buttons! Great! (I know about that thing website etc....)
    Beautiful pictures, the beach... and me, too, love your dailys on insta.
    x Stefanie

  9. Thanks for having came to my blog!. And Good to change!!!! Your blog seems different! :)