home village, railway station track 2

so you should know that the title to this blog post has seen different captions over a period of four weeks. i started with what are words worth, i then changed it into another year reaching an end and look now... the new year has begun and i'm still at it: post and title.
couven museum, aachen. wait! a wolf???? ☺

to this date i have no idea what my blogging intentions are. i used to look at the number of one thousand blog posts with such awe. lately i wonder if i'll ever achieve that beacon, if that's what it is. i find i am also happy with where i'm at: n° 886.

couven museum, aachen

over the years i've loved writing here so, sharing snippets of life, finding friends and connections from around the world. and i guess i'll keep at it, probably at a different pace. changing times, and all that. the dust over 2016 now settled we move onwards and upwards.

lately, in the studio. happy drawing maps. ☺

i suppose i'll keep on illustrating a world in movement, be it through words, images or drawings. if the end of a year traditionally calls for a review, then i guess i'm saved by the bell by only writing now, in a pristine new year. here's to you, dear, dear reader and to 2017


  1. Your blog is perfect. It is a reflection of you and who says you have to post at a certain rate or amount. There are no rules. I do it for me and if anyone else joins the journey wonderful. Wishing you a wonderful 2017!

  2. Oh, did'nt find the commentbox before, sorry!
    Lieve Nadinetje,
    I ever enjoy your blogposts... I listen to your singing voice coming with your beautiful writing or images, drawn or taken by camera!
    Looking forward to 887...
    Groetjes and zoen,
    Ariane. Rose