thing with feathers

last sunday's walk, brilliant underpass ☻ {ninove}
last week i reminisced on my teenage summers abroad, and if i wondered at all who toted the camera to shoot holiday snaps i am holding in my hand below, then i must admit it was yours truly. 

straight from the seventies, in my hand
my mum wasn't interested, nor was my dad, so. except for the ones i am in, obviously. this notion led me on towards suspecting all i've got left of two years of spanish costa is just 24+ images... 

brussels, already dreaming of paris pavement moments.... {brussels, office 'hood}
then i realised that indeed that's all we got from a camera roll back then, some 24+ images, good and bad and ugly. my parents allowed us just the one film roll per summer, that was it. 

have yet to look up graffiti artist's name, has 'done' a few buildings' sides {brussels, office 'hood}
those analog, light sensitive film rolls though? the impatient waiting for development and the painful disappointment of images coming out blurry, over or under exposed, badly composed or totally failed... 

l o v e. you notice? {brussels, office 'hood}
i cosset those faded charms however, depicting spur of the moment subjects. i googled most buildings back into significant existence, easing my spring journey-to-be into a gentle whirlpool of emotions. 

can't hardly wait. in the meantime, have a beautiful weekend. ♥

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  1. My how things have changed since then with photography!!