see no evil. do no wrong. don't lie. love your idioms

are you a liar? i am. i lie about many things. i fool myself, make myself believe. i've grown up a liar and i want to lie no more. 

i opened up an etsy shop in november last year. and that was a lie. bear with me, because i don't feel bad about saying that. the truth of the fact is, that shop was a lie. i didn't commit. 

what you don't commit to while doing it feels like submitting to the lies you have put up for yourself. sounds ominous, it is. at least, i am leaving the lie behind me. no more commerce, just feel

... and 'write' my story. grabbing my journals, using my pen, stroking my colours, kissing my palletes. wow. load of my shoulders. now let's begin. are you curious? so am i. 

let me see..... enjoy the weekend and next week? have a good one! ♥


  1. Wasn't the shop an attempt? not a lie? Dear Nadine,
    I can't say that I am not a lier, but I know, that I aspire the truth, maybe *my truth*. To become more the person I am (more or less already, deep? inside?).
    In these days I've found my kind of lassiz-faire... less focus... and today, after a nice gathering with Bee and a short walk today, I am bursting from ideas! So I kiss my camera, my palletes and my oven, my vases and my eyes!
    Have a good one!
    Love it, to know you are here.
    X Ariane. Still Rose.