hombroich surprise!

Museum Insel Hombroich, Labyrinth
my prepped blog post was an explano on how i imagine my IG account will evolve more into, erm, me (i wish). yeah. and then everything kind of blew into a shambles, stopping me sharing anything, online. 

the road between Museum Insel Hombroich and Raketenstation Hombroich
that's a weird feeling, i find. one minute it's all go, next, the modem says 'no', entailing phone calls, fickle delivery dates and pick ups. next unwrapping and trying to understand what's what. 

Raketenstation Hombroich.... what flower is this, anyone? 
finally though, getting that platform running again, against all odds and with brand new sailing winds. i feel kind of refreshed, a new digital data shower is sprucing down the place and leaving a sparkle. 

langen foundation hombroich - polyphon, danh vô
this sudden offline void has had me enthralled on the subject matter here, of renovation and freedom from the www. so it's possible that i push IG further down the line and keep breathing... just kidding. 

Museum Insel Hombroich, Turm, begehbare skulptur
i am working on the house again though. it. needs. my. undevided. attention, and that's no joke. i'll try and keep y'all posted on that, it might be fun. sharing might even swing me back into creating too. 

Raketenstation Hombroich, Siza Pavillon, Tomas Riehle exhibition
last sunday our akademy took a day trip out to Neuss-Hombroich. we had a magnificent day's outing with bags of sunshine and sweet silent green pastures, architecture and art. oh. and geese. so. many. geese. ☻

fully loaded, enjoy the week ahead, lovelies! ♥


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