bull, horns and patchwork

kitchen wall, plants trooping
a deep sigh and a mind set to success was all that i needed to get going, like with any enterprise, really. so i finally altered my dysfunctional corner wall construction into a manageable, moveable feat;

corner construction, scrapwood wallpaper
i considered painting the corner piece white to make it retreat into the wall, until i decided against it, and simply wallpapered it with some piet hein eek scrapwood offcuts i'd saved for just this kind of purpose;

recent growing full moon, in brussels lately
and so i had a ball doing that, because, well, patchwork! always a fun thing to do, mix and match; even better when no particular pattern is involved. in this case {offcuts} i also had to get rid of adds on;

vintage sideboard, new handles
in between deciding and doing, i changed the handles on this rad little sideboard, at long last. it needed those unpinching handles badly, so it sits happily now, in its new lease of life. obviously, as always,

evenings without www
all of this meant time away from the studio. i have finally admitted to myself that both renovating ànd studio time in a day don't mix well. i'm taking the hint and don't try to force it on; 

cutting the blues
and so one step at a time. i was however totally happy to cut and paste more paper, but then in my new sketchbook. colour tone-on-tone is leading the way. i'm into the blues right now, can't wait to get to pink ☺. ...  

enjoy the weekend and have a beautiful week ahead ♥


  1. How funny, that we came to same terms. Some days are for the studio, others are for other things. Love the details of your home by the way. xo

  2. I love the glimpses into your Castle, Dear! and the metamorphosis that's going on and on. so exciting! Piet Hein Eek... cool!
    The last smiley... I wonder if the mouth angles showing up or down? Blue mood? I can give you my pink glasses! ;-)
    cu sooon (in three full moons)!
    Love, Ariane