i'm dedicated to awesome creative weeks. and months

{for purpose of blog only; low res reproduced} work by ingrid & patrice. for originals, please contact the ladies ☺
my first try at streamlining my social media movements didn't happen. falling offline, a busy daytime job and traveling here and there have all perturbed my careful organised scheming. i'm taking a second breath.  
eindhoven, viaduct
i'd like to introduce an IG rotation schedule, comprising photographic topics, sharing building drawings, aiming at growing a collection to be offered for sale one way or another.
ABC of Geraardsbergen. so far
midweek i'll continue sharing my A-Z poster thingy (i'm at C), linking local icons to illustrations, running down the complete alphabet, to be commercialized into a town poster celebrating its 950 years of existence. 
piet hein eek, showroom
i also want to share progress on my period area vignette drawings, because i want to work these into merchandise such as wrapping paper and festive holidays greetings cards and prints. 
the greens. in squares. again. no specifications on excerpt images
by the end of the week and into the weekend i work on collage. i guess it'll be loose assembling first and hopefully i'll get into more graphic compositions once i get a good hang of it. 
piet hein eek, showroom, looking up

why diversify thus? i hate monotony. i love drawing, making photos, painting and collage, but not necessarily all together in a kind of mixed media way. therefore i like to break things up a little. 
eindhoven, dusk

and also, it is a way to experiment and extend my online presence in a way i can relate to that works for me. i want a.o. IG to work for me, and regular posting helps me to stay tuned into making things happen. 
zeebrugge, North Sea seaside. fun with friend ☺

apart from my IG posts, i still love blogging, i can't shake that habit. i am always looking forward to bringing together tidbits of a past week into a pleasing mix of words and image. a newsletter of sorts, indeed.

so, stay tuned, and feel very welcome, on IG and here. enjoy your week ahead! ♥

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  1. lalalala!
    lovely blogpost!

    jouw foto's zien er zoveel beter uit dan die van mij
    misschien moet ik toch een echte camera gebruiken...
    en ja, we deden dit en wat was het een heerlijke break
    nu hard aan het werk alles af te krijgen voor maandag... pfff....

    bey and SOON!!!