waiting for the peonies to pop

cutting flower petals
i may have bitten off more than i can chew. again. my imagination got the better of me, in thinking i can do it all. in a jiffy. not so. my imagination runs riot and it is a bad timekeeper at that. 
the painting for the exhibition stage, but...

there's little, naughty tell tales that pull me into this knowledge, like falling asleep with an endless list of new to-do's running round in my head, (ping!) awake in the middle of the night, you know what i'm saying.
well, i tried different versions, until i spilled the coffee {left}...
middle one became sketch pad
right one started with the blue skies but left me unsatisfied
losing the fun bit, and then... this happens: spilling my cup of coffee over a drawing that was in the last stages of finishing. too stunned to react even. 
using up scraps of flower petal paper into circles...
i have never had this happen before, and i daresay, i was completely taken by surprise. but yeah. i started hours of drawing... right over, and gosh yeah. lesson learned. now my fysio sensed the tension too, so ...
... to further fill my collage scrap/mood/ideas book
i am going to take it slower. today i collaged a flower that is soon to open in the garden. oh lord! it has opened! aw. perfect timing. 
and here's our collage try at peony
and this weekend is supposed to be hot, so i'll be forced to take it easy anyhoo. have yourselves a good weekend and a lovely springtime week ahead. ♥


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