the tiny, one floor villa

"the dark side of dick bruna", rotterdam, 2018
in an ideal world i live in a tiny, one floor villa on a hilly side, overlooking the ocean. in an ideal world i see things as fitting. in this world however, i make do with what i've got. 

hombroich, langen foundation, thomas houseago
and i do make the very best of it : braving the nextdoor neighbours' evening and weekend days renovations, acquiesce the miniscule neighbourhood dogs fierce late night yapping;  

hombroich, raketenstation
bearing a future new housing estate development in back of my town garden, expecting years of construction upheaval; all while stomaching the closeby railway depot nightly racket of running diesel motors.

garden in back, 10' late yesterday evening sketch, before dark set in, actually
i live on an otherwise lowkey street and i understand circumstances, but i hardly signed up for boorish neighbours, county council's ungracious, self-indulgent attitudes and railway maladministrations.

la-roche-en-ardenne, another dream villa... ☺
if on a daily basis i care to remain genteel about all of this, i do keep dreaming of the tiny one floor villa too. therefore, calling in question the two latter nuisances, in an attempt to empower local authorities : 

oh, if ever... hampton court inner courtyard, 2014
advocating a considered and serene living climate for all, our street committee is presently counterbalancing the planned (running up to 9 storeys!) housing development, in an otherwise low rise area. 

hombroich, raketenstation, juan munoz, derailment
the nightly train racket i am taking on solely. there is however only so much energy one has to counteract council goofs, while keeping both a working and creative life viable and the necessary recess unharmed.

to be continued, undoubtedly....
and wishing you all, though, a beautiful, invigorating weekend. ♥


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